David Jimenez

Freelance Multimedia Freelancer & Presentation Designer

Location:United States
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David Jimenez
film editor, director, executive management
661.299.2212 or 661.904.4559
Email: kart29@yahoo.com
Sample links: http://www.thq.com/uk/thqtv/index/2?movieId=4977, http://www.thq.com/uk/thqtv/index/2?movieId=4793, http://www.thq.com/uk/thqtv/index/2/4?movieId=5110, http://www.thq.com/uk/thqtv/index/2?movieId=4886, http://youtu.be/qGxytXSNXYc http://vimeo.com/twentynine29

I have over 25 years experience on both feature and television post-production as well as production, editing action, comedy, drama, games, documentary, instructional, and musicals that often featured cutting edge visual effects, sound design and epic action sequences.
Under any amount of pressure, against any deadline or impossible situation, I am professional, fast, creative, receptive and responsive to collaboration. I am a great storyteller, when there is no story, using the best and most interesting footage photographically, yet still giving the actors performance the first and highest priority is my specialty – on any editing system, starting with film.
Beginning a career at a young age, I was able to learn on the job from many great people such as Tim O’Meara, David Rawlins, Mark Gollblat, John Milius, John Behring, Dennis Hopper, Allen Metter, Frank Jimenez, Chris Crowe, Tony Plana and Danny Bilson to name a few. That knowledge and experience lead to a Television Arts and Science Academy nomination for the Showtime Original Series, “Resurrection Boulevard” in “Outstanding Editing Achievement” in a action/ drama TV series.
Secondly I have a long history in kart racing, first as a driver, and then my passion and dedication to the sport brought me to become more involved in management. Promoting many events from concept and design to conclusion has made this very enjoyable and satisfying. My many years of experience make the often heated environment of racing a pleasure and challenge.
With hard work ethics, I am a team player and expect that from those I come in contact with. I can successfully lead the team or just as successfully be the “go to guy”. Hands on creative thinking make me a great asset to any company looking to improve their overall success and goals.
Upon request, I will provide additional solid references, work history and examples of my work.


THQ Inc. Create and produce quality commercials, trailers, Internet feature presentations, in game content and special event debuts for new video games and games in development. Danny Bilson – Core Executive, Fernando Vellaso – Video dept. manager
Kart Racing Movies Area29 Productions –short docudrama music videos with kart racing back drop
Produced, directed and edited by David Jimenez Sample link: http://vimeo.com/twentynine29
REK Marketing Brownthunder Productions – Promo Sodi kart – web package
Position One/ Speedlok Brownthunder Productions – instructional infomercial
Dr. Phil NBC Productions – Talk Show – Rich Fugate- Post Supervisor
EA Sports Feature presentations for video games in development. Danny Bilson – Development
Great weight loss Race NBC Productions – Rich Fugate- Post Supervisor
Crafters Weller/ Grossman – Real crafts reality info series
Kart Attack Universal DVD – Severe Racing - Scott Tuggel- Producer
Dr. Phil NBC Productions – Talk Show – Susan Helfrick- Post Supervisor
Resurrection Boulevard Showtime/ Viacom/ Paramount - Dennis Leoni- Executive Producer, Jesus Trevino - director
*Nominated episode for “Outstanding Editing Achievement”. Action/ Drama TV series
United We Funk All-stars Major Hits Records – Live concert movie – Charlie Wilson- Producer/ Talent
BMOC Next Entertainment - College campus reality series– Suzanne Lauer- Post Supervisor
Real People KTLA Reality pilot re-make – Levell Feel- Post Supervisor
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Star Trek Paramount TV – Hal Harrison- VP Paramount Post Production
Smarttruck two NAC/ Pet Fly Productions – Presentation – Robert Benjamin- Director
The Sports List Fox Sports Networks – Greatest Moments – David Neglia- Post Supervisor
GRR TV Feature episode LAKC – Consultant
Strike EA Sports – Game in Development – Richard Leinfellner- Executive Producer
Smarttruck NAC/ Pet Fly Productions – Presentation – Danny Bilson- Executive Producer
The Sentinel, Viper, Pet Fly Productions with Paramount, CBS, Warner Bros.
The Flash and Human Target TV Pilots and series totaling 9 seasons – Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo- Executive Producer
Somebody is Waiting SIW Productions – Feature Film – Gabriel Burne/ David Rawlins
Summertime Switch Rudolph Family Films – MOW – Allen Metter - Director
The Watcher Paramount/ UPN – Series TV – Chris Crowe and Drew Mirisch- Executive Producer
The Lemon Grove Signboard Hill – MOW – Craig Bassett – editor, Marcus Cole- Director
Cold Feet Avenue Pictures – Feature Film – David Rawlins- Editor

“Outstanding Editing Achievement” nominee for Ressurection Boulevard
Special Projects: main title designer, trailers, and promo spots for Resurrection Boulevard,
The Sentinel, Viper, Karting for Real, Sports list, Strike and Smarttruck
Sound design and mixing on all the above titles including The Watcher.
MX vs. ATV Alive most robust video campaign in franchise history – THQ

Experience as director and producer at Pet Fly, Area29 and Brownthunder Productions.

Details on any of the work history above can be made available upon request as well as solid references.

Member of the Television Arts and Science Academy
Member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild



-Kart Racing 26 years experience racing karts as well as the organization, promotion and directing of countless racing events at the highest level of the sport with much success mostly as a volunteer
-Pitts Performance 2010 General Manager – a full service kart racing shop, duties include inventory ordering, shipping and receiving, customer service, POS, repair, kart set-up, sales and everything in between.
-Racer’s Edge Karting General Manager – over seeing 60+employees duties include; scheduling, POS, admin.,
2009 open/ close, deposits, budgeting, purchasing, corporate event coordinator, damage control. Race track design, construction, consultant, safety, Kart Tech – mechanic, parts, testing, etc. Racing – leagues, clinics and private lessons. Facility layout and day to day operations.
-Panorama Sales General Manager – duties included; day to day operations, sales, inventory purchasing,
2007-2008 maintenance, customer service. California sales license #s81934775
-Storm Karting General Manager –open/ close, corporate event coordinator, damage control. Race track
1995 -1998 design, construction, consultant, safety> Kart Tech – mechanic, parts, testing, etc. Racing leagues, clinics and private lessons. Facility layout and day to day operations.
FABRICATION – 2000 - present

-Cinnabar Entertainment Fabricate, weld and install various projects for display and public use, mostly for the
2007 entertainment industry. Duties included measuring, cutting and assembling projects from blueprints. Supervisor – Tony Melendez
-Lexington Accusations Fabricate, weld and install various projects for display and public use for the entertainment
2006 – 2007 industry. Lead installer with both big crews on location. Supervisor – Mark Youngs
-Project VW build Total custom rebuild on a 1957 VW Bug. Disassembled to the shell and built back up by replacing, refurbishing or fabricating all pieces including body modifications, electrical and both interior and exterior custom designs.
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