Dawn Robinson

Freelance Ad Designer & Animator

Location:Rosedale, Maryland, United States
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Dawn Robinson
Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore County Community College-2010-2011
Graphic Design-AAS
Deans List-3.75

University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 2004-2006
Graduate Program for Technical Education
GPA- 3.7

Towson University- Bachelor of Science (1/2004)
Electronic Media Film, Radio, and Broadcast Production/Minor Digital Photography/Graphic Design
Deans List, Graduated *** Laude Honor’s 3.7

Baltimore County Community College (2001)
Associate of Arts-Liberal Arts Degree Deans List 3.2

Secret Level Security Clearance 2007-2012

Technical Skills:
Video Cameras: Phantom, Photron, Apex and Flight trajectory-High Speed Cameras, Sony XD HD Cam, Canon XF300HD,Canon XA10 HD, Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC40, Sony DSR-PD170,DVC Pro, Canon GL2/1, Canon XL1S, Panasonic DVX100, Sony Beta Cam, DV Cams, Broadcast Studio Cameras.
DSLR Digital Photography: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon Rebel XTI-XT2, Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D3, D40, 60 and 90, D300s and Canon, Nikkor, Nikon, Tamron and Zeikos lenses.
Graphic Design Programs: Digital Imaging programs :Adobe Suite-Photoshop 7-CS5, Illustrator, Bridge, Raw, Adobe In-design, Flash CS4-5, Lightroom 3.0, Alienskin Snap Art, Vertus Fluid Mask, Flaming Pear, Harvard 3d Graphics Presentations, LucisArt, Print Pro, 3D Studio Max, Photomatix Pro.
Web Site Design: Dreamweaver CS5, FireWorks
Non-Linear Editing: Avid Express DV and Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media100, Sony Vegas Video, Adobe Encore.
Linear Editing: Cuts Only.
Script Writing Programs: Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and Hollywood Screenwriter
Media Graphics and Post Production Programs: Adobe Photoshop CS Suites, Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore DVD, DVD Studio Pro.
Computer Systems: Router Functions, Mac OS9/X, Windows 98/XP and Vista, Windows 7
Office and Windows Programs: Word Perfect, Microsoft Works, Excel Speadsheets, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.
Film: Bolex 16mm, Scoopic 16mm, Arriflex 16mm.
Audio Production: Protools, Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, Acid, Adobe Sound booth
Writing: Technical Writing, Scripts for Broadcast, PSA’s, Radio, Independent Films, TV, commercials, promotions.
Cabling: CAT5, CAT6
Broadcast Studio Skills: TelePrompTer, Sound/Mixer, Lighting, Control Board, Robo Camera, IP, and floor manager, technical director.
Production Work Skills: Camera, Lighting, Sound, Switcher, DAT, Boom Operator, Sound Tech, Props, Set Continuity, EFP/ENG-setup/breakdown equip, technical knowledge/repair/trouble shooting equipment.
Pre-Production Skills: Acquiring rental equipment, permits, budget analysis, scheduling cast and crew for shoots; acquiring releases and tax exemption forms for use in film productions; research and visual documentation of locations for shooting sets. Writing proposals and scripts for TV Commercials, broadcast news and Radio commercials/promos.
Miscellaneous: DVD/CD writing and authoring; Assisting acting Talent Auditions, Logging video footage; Web Management; Internet, library and National Archives researcher, acquiring b-roll footage and information by sources for use in broadcast programs and Documentaries. Audio Visual Pre-production, Production, and Post-production.

Professional Experience:
Under Construction Productions -2001-Present-Owner/Operator-Freelance 10 yrs professional freelance experience.
DSLR Photographer/Video Camera operator, Graphic Designer, Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Assistant, NLE Editor, and Audio/Visual Technician and production specialist for various
media, government, DOD Testing, broadcast, corporate and sporting events, and entertainment productions. Credits in Broadcast and Film productions include: Tom Petty’s 2006 World Tour concert at Nissan Pavilion ( Penn-Bright Entertainment), ESPS2’s “Truck Stop” (WATV Productions), The History Channels “A Bite of History” (Branded Media), The Food Network- “Bake Rattle and Roll” ( Authentic Entertainment), TV Land’s “Televisions Top 100 TV Shows” (Gay Rosenthal Productions), Animal Planet’s “The Harrisburg Dog Show” (Painless Productions), “Ladder 49”, “The Visiting”, “Dirty Shame”, “The Salon” and “Music High”.
DLSR Photographer for Sporting Events, Action photography and portrait/team photography.
JACOBS TECHNOLOGY ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND ARMY CONTRACTOR FOR DOD-(2007-2009)TECHNICAL PHOTOGRAPHER II w/ Secret Security Clearance 2007-2012 and Flight Physical: Responsible for capturing and recording visual/audio documentation of various military tests for the DOD. Operation, set up and trouble shooting of multiple Standard DV, HD, SIR, IR, or high speed ( Phantom, Photron, Apex and Flight trajectory) cameras, video switchers, monitors and video decks to capture, document and record operational, functional reliability and or other various predetermined test objectives for research analysis of IED’s, EFP’s, HEDP’s, HEAA’s, Grenades (functional firing and distance), MK’s; Abram’s M1 Tanks, M88‘s , LVSR’s, Strykers, SUGV, JABs, MRAPS Vehicles, C4 detonations, Car Bombs and letter bombs; small and large caliper weapons trigger function and target impact. Video capturing and recording and DSLR digital camera stills documentation of military events, ceremonies and DOD related tests such as: Computer software functions and components, military vehicle components and functions, Night Vision Scopes, Sling Load Tests, Rail Impact tests, Body and Helmet Armor tests, EFV tests; and Automotive break stop, steering and handling, skid pad tests, and various course maneuvering, handling and capabilities of a wide variety of government, army and DOD vehicles. Set up, operation and trouble shooting of High speed Phantom, CCD and or SIR cameras inside army vehicles, running power of 12 volt batteries, UPS units or XLR power supply units and sending video and audio signals to assigned video decks computers and monitors, to capture, record and document results to be used for test objectives. Operation, set up and function of flash cones, flash boxes, UPS units, power supply units and trigger boxes when necessary. Responsible for set up and running of HDMI, component, composite, coaxial, RCA, VGA, BNC, fiber optics cables and or wireless video transmissions from source of record point to deck or PC capture destination. Responsible for making and use of RG58, and RG59 BNC connect cables and various CAT5/6 cabling for Ethernet use on high speed cameras.
Assist in researching, acquiring and gathering information pertinent for interviews of talent to be aired on various broadcast network programs. Non-linear footage logging editor, graphic design assignments and assisting Producer in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production of programs. Set up of on set DV/HD camera’s, lighting and audio.
District Court of Maryland Court Information Office-(2006-2007)
Media Developer for Maryland Judiciary-Set up, operation and trouble shooting of
single and multiple standard DV Cameras, audio and lighting for interviews of judges and court officials for documentary and historical recollection productions. Set up power-point presentations-computer, projector, audio and screens for meetings conferences and judicial gatherings and events. DSLR Photographer-Canon EOS Mark II. Graphic Design assignments-Adobe CS2/3.
World Class Video-2005-2007
HD Camera Operator/Production Assistant for high end cable and TV network broadcast
productions. Set-up of studio and set lighting, back drops, cameras and talent.
Duet Communication- 2006-2007
Set up, operation and trouble shooting of Multiple standard and or HD cameras, lights and audio to record interviews for ASCD Documentary and Training video productions.
Capital View Productions-2005
Production Assistant-Taking script notes, tracking time code, logging tape stock, make-up, arranging sets, and camera assist.
Lansdowne HS- Graphic Design Instructor-2005
Teaching High School Students Adobe Photoshop.
Serpentine Communications-2005
Camera Operator/lighting tech for performance art show involving Middle Eastern Dancing.
Pyramid Productions/World Class Video-2005-2006
Production Assistant for HD broadcast production of a Microsoft Corporation commercial. Set up lights, video/camera assist.
The Teaching Company-2004/2005
Beta Cam Operator for educational and instructional lectures, for continuing education purposes.
Sysifus Rock Productions-2004
Production assistant/Lighting Tech and Grip on the set of their Independent Film, “Past Perfect.” Striking set, lights, camera equipment, and camera assist.
GEICO Media Creative-2004
Production Assistant for Geico commercial and employee interviews. Managed talent, camera assist for DP, lighting set-up, and assisted with craft services.
Maryland Entertainment-2004
Audio/Visual Technician, setting up live event venues for fortune 500 Company’s. Setting up and breaking down EFP, sound and lighting equipment.
TJ Talent: 2004
Assistant Event Facilitator for Team Group Events. Assisted with organizing a Spy Hunt Event for The Healthy Back Store.
Still Wright Productions-2003-2007
Mini DV Camera Operator/Grip/PA providing audio/visual technical services for corporate receptions, power point presentations/video montages/entertainment venues. Set up/breakdown of EFP equipment/Creston Control Panel Operations. Video switcher operation/on location editing. Operation of LCD projectors, PA systems, wireless mics, and audio mixers.
Universal Music Idol Talent Auditions-2004
Director/Producer/Production Manager-Directed live performances of the talent auditions/arranged/managed scheduling of crew/equipment/set up/break down of EFP equipment. Produced/Managed sales of DVD’s of each live, individual performance audition. Post-production on performances sold after the recorded live audition sales.
O’Ferrell Productions-2004-2007
Camera Operator/GRIP/PA-Set up and Breakdown of EFP equipment, dollies, jibs, lights, and tracking for broadcast interviews, entertainment videos/independent films.
Amtrax Records/Devon Howard-2004
Director/Producer/Post-Production services, for R&B artist DeVon Howard’s music video, “The Jiggle Song”. Who signed a record contract with Sony Records.
Summer Film Workshop/Steve Yeager Films (2004,2003)
Video Production Instructor/Graphic Design/Art Instructor-Director-Teaching Set/Wardrobe/SFX Makeup/Prop-Design. Instructor for student’s ages 9-17. Post-production instructor-teaching students still photography, editing and graphic design skills. “The Snake Head Project,” and “Fatal Mixture”-was screened 10/31/04 at The Charles Theater, Baltimore, MD.
Hopestar Productions-2004
Set Grip/Production Assistant-Set up/Breakdown Lights/Cameras and JIB.Cable runner/audio mults for “Spinervals” fitness videos.
ESPN Baltimore Orioles/Ravens Games-2004 (Kwokman Productions)
PA, Camera assist, HH Utility- connect/strike V1/V2 interconnects, audio mults, broad cast cameras ; assist Rovert-tri-ex coil cable drops for capturing professional baseball games, football games, and intercollegiate sporting events.
American Business Radio-2004
Production Coordinator/Manager-scheduling of political figures and CEO’s for live remote interviews.
Audio Tech/Editor for the live remote segments that I sent to radio stations to air this program titled, “American Deal Makers.”
Brimrose Pictures-April 2003-September 2003
Video Producer/Director/ for corporate, industrial and entertainment videos. Writing/designing/developing graphic print layouts for various advertisements in medical equipment/food analysis publications, as well as service advertisement publications.
Cal Ripkens Aberdeen Ironbirds Stadium Press Box -Summer 2002/2003
Beta Cam operator/Production Assistant/Grip/Gaffer- for set up and breakdown, as well as operation of EFP equipment for broadcasting of minor league baseball games/jumbo-tron broadcast. Switcher operation.
Jomar Productions-April 2002-2007
Camera Operator/ Production Assistant/Grip/Gaffer/Sound Tech- for set up/break down and operation of EFP equipment for recording dance recitals, sporting events, and band competitions. Switcher operation.
ARLENE GANT-2003 Camera Operator for Documentary/Corporate Video Production.
Goforth Digital Artistry (2003) Camera Assist/PA for miscellaneous video projects.
Sunny Side Workshop-Spring 2003
DP/ mini-DV Camera Ops/PA/Associate Producer-“ Cool After School Program.” AIRED ON UPN
New Freedom Films-Independent Film -Summer 2003
Job Description: Director of Photography/Camera Operator for an Independent film “Haunted Ho-Down.”
RIPPLE EFFECT-2002 Job Description: Camera Operator for Industrial/Corporate Videos.
FEDERAL EXPRESS-1998-2003 Field Customer Service Representative and Route Delivery and Pickup Courier.

Media Instructor:
Eastern Technical High School-Substitute Instructor-2006
Multi Media Video, Broadcast and Graphic Design courses
Lansdowne High School-2005
Graphic Design Instructor

WBFF FOX 45 (September 2003-January 2004)
Sports Editor/Footage Logging, sports highlights reel editor for 10pm news. Robo cam/teleprompter operator.
University of Maryland Video Press (Spring 2003)
2nd Camera Operator/Production Assistant/Grip: Set up Multiple Camera’s, Audio and Lighting for medical documentaries. Tape Logging Editor/Office PA. Noted for Academy Award winning Production of HBO’s “King Gimp”.
Studio 83 (September 2002- November 2002)
Production Assistant, audio editing, post-production, assistant camera on commercial shoots.
Maryland Public Television
Production Assistant for in studio interview productions.
WIYY-98 Rock / WWMX 106.5 /WHSF 99.1 (2002-2003)
Local Radio Broadcast Station Internships-Board Operator, and Audio Production Editor for broadcast programs and commercials. Promotions/Sales Department-handled the stations promotional events with regard to promoting the listening to the station and selling and distributing items that promoted the stations logo.

Occupational and Educational Experience:
WMJF-Towson University Student Run TV Station-Technical Director, Floor Manager, Camera Operator, Sound Board and Switcher-4 years
Radio/Video Lab Aide Tech-Towson University
DJ-Freelance-clubs and private parties, weddings
Radio Announcer for Towson University Radio Station XTSR
Photographer-Towerlight-Towson University Newspaper
Freelance Writer for Towson University’s Towerlight
Poetry Published in Anthologies
Member of Student Branch of National Association of Broadcasters
Member of Women in Film and Video-Maryland/DC
Member of Creative Alliance of Maryland (CAMM)
1st Place: Best Documentary; Best Music Video; and Best Public Service Announcement-Towson Univ. Media Arts Festival
Dean's List
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Ad Design