Paul Clayton Paulsfreelance

Freelance Audio Producer & Print Ad Designer

Location:United States
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Hello, My name is Paul. I have over 12 years of experience editing photographs and images and making them print ready for professional photographers and graphic designers. I have recently closed down my canvas printing business to take on full-time freelancing. Over the last 12 years, I have developed several unique techniques to get the most vibrant colors and sharpest images possible. I have also mastered image enlargement. I can make images very large without losing quality, I believe that there very few other people that truly understand the file to print process as I do. I am also very good at photo restoration, I have restored at least 500 old torn, scratched and faded photographs over the years. My interests are music and art. I am very passionate about music and music production, I have over 20 years of music experience and have become quite proficient in the field of audio production, I specialize in removing noise and mixing down tracks. Creativity is the key to my success?.
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Audio Production
Print Ad Design