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Location:Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
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I have a flair for researching data that will reveal the concealed truth. For instance, I have a gut feeling about Donald Trump and if my gut is revealing true suspicions and not just craving another snickers I believe I could reveal how he managed to become the "Billionaire" he is and just who is operating those puppet strings? Then there is the creative style in me where my Writing professor compared my work to that of Virginia Wolfe. Talk about proud, giddy, reinforcement. Many of my professors often said they like the way I think "outside the Box". Then, there is that irritating company proudly boasting their ad liners filled with poor grammar, punctuation, and factual accuracy. It was plain and painful to see that the editor was lazy or maybe just plain oblivious to their job duties. If given enough room one will no doubt find a little humor in my writing, regardless of the topic. .Lastly, I would like to add that I wrote a poem while sweeping the shop floor at my blue color job as a mechanic; my husband had it copyrighted as a surprise.
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