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Freelance Book Illustrator, Drawer, & More

Location:Des Allemands, Louisiana, United States
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Very nice to meet you!

What can I say...I'm an enthusiastic, eager, lover of life and enjoy capturing the most incredible aspects of it! Both good and bad, I draw it, photograph it, live it and write about it. I can find beauty in the most dreariest of places and illuminate that one thing, to make it the most beautiful thing ever. My Mother always mirrored her life and experiences as the water lily that grows in the murkiest of waters. That same concept is what I use as inspiration in my drawings, photography, art and every day life. I want to use this same concept in being a part of your team and enhance the excellence you already possess. Give me that chance and you will not be sorry. I thank you in advance for the opportunity and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Neah G. Chopin