Eileen Rogers

Freelance Business Writer & Editor

Location:Hauppauge, New York, United States
2 Skills
• Excellent experience in technical writing, business analysis, and training. Able to rapidly learn new skills.
• Have gathered information and written program, design, and functional specifications; user manuals; reference manuals; operations manuals, repair manuals, APIs, and training manuals.
• While at GS XXI, worked closely with the Engineers in documenting the Infrastructures they designed for small companies on Long Island with regard to domains, protocols, hardware, and software.
• Skilled at creating Work Flow, Call Flow, UML, Swim Lane, and functional charts using Visio, ABC Flowcharter, PowerPoint, and Excel.
• Have written help screens for Internet applications using PDF format, FrontPage, and RoboHelp.
• Have worked with IVR technology. Created Call Flow Analysis for Prepaid Calling Card Platform. Worked closely with the Project Managers and developers to create Visio diagrams of the LANs, WANS, disk replication, and such as they were created for a customer.
• Have created proposals for system enhancements as well as to solicit new customers (RFP and RFQs).
• Have written test scripts, test results, and performed full regression testing as well as being involved in UAT for new systems being designed. Have used Caliber to create and link Business, Functional, and Test Scripts..
• Worked with infrastructure design engineers, programmers, and operations people to design screens, create procedures for installing hardware or for running software. Worked with tier one and tier two personnel to help document and support help center functionality.
• Worked as a liaison between the user community and the IT staff for requirements gathering and for UAT testing.
• Knowledgeable in regard to the single sign on concept for portals.


JULY 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2015
RUI Credit
Customer Service Representative

• Calling customers to collect payments in order to keep services from being suspended.
• Receiving inbound calls in regard to customer account questions and payments.

MARCH 2015 – JULY 2015
Zebra Technologies
Sr. Technical Writer

• Working in the Regulatory Department to update existing documentation; replacing the Motorola and Symbol logos with Zebra’s logo, ensuring that the correct directives are referenced within each document by comparing them to the directives listed within the Regulatory Declaration of Conformity posted on the Intranet, and at the same time formatting and editing each document , template, and form. In order to complete the requirements.
• Meeting with members of the team to determine how the new documents/forms should look and what new documents need to be created.
• The task requires the use of the MicroSoft Suite of Office products for general documentation, and SnagIt for screen captures.
• Used Adobe Illustrator to update part numbers, bar codes, and compliance directives within the pamphlets, Quick Start guides, and user manuals that accompany the equipment.

Sr. Technical Writer
• As a consultant, worked with the Software Engineering Department to produce user documentation for a new product that will be installed in homes and offices allowing the user to control the temperature of the house/business, turn lights and appliances on/off, and otherwise save on energy.
• Used a combination of Word (Information Mapping concepts), Excel, PowerPoint, RoboHelp, and Photoshop to create all of the documentation.
• Also updated existing documentation to reflect changes to screens and functionality, created technical documentation for the software developers, and created and distributed broadcast messages updating the service and field reps on changes within the systems to provide them with a “heads up” that can be passed on to their customers. Documented a series of APIs to provide easy access to system functionality from the web site.

Sr. Technical Writer/Business Systems Analyst
Canon USA
• As a consultant working with the Business Project Planning (BPP) division, created user guides in Word and training documents in PowerPoint that were posted to the Canon Intranet for the new Wholesale system.
• Gathered requirements and created presentations in PowerPoint that justified the need for issues to be added to the list of enhancements that were presented to the IT Business Alignment group.
• Wrote letters to upper management, business affiliates, and customers detailing dates and times of system access when Canon cut over to the new Wholesale system.
• Involved with the planning and design of the new Retail system.
• Involved with all phases of the UAT for the Retail System. Liaison for the data cleansing aspect of the project working closely with the business community and IT to ensure that the data conversion was a smooth and effortless process.
• Once the system was completed, created user and training guides that were posted to the Intranet and provided second-tier support for the users by managing the S21_Communication mailbox in which all system defects and questions are directed. These questions were entered into the QA system to be prioritized before being escalated to IT or passed on to Customer Service.
• Working with both the users and IT, created work flows, functional flows, swim lane diagrams using Visio, Excel, and/or PowerPoint, documented procedures using Information Mapping, which is a subset of Word, created test scenarios using Caliber, and conducted web meetings to discuss both business and system requirements.
• Involved with user training for the newly implemented system in a classroom setting. Once the system was in place, worked as a liaison between users and IT to document, research, prioritize, and resolve issues.
• These issues were entered into a database, prioritized, and tracked until corrected or targeted as a systems enhancement.
• Researched all requests for access to the systems to determine what role and functionality the employee should be granted.
• Lastly, was working to create test scenarios, enter of all reseller data into the master files, and creating training documents for a B2B Portal System with single sign on scheduled to go live in phases over the next three years.

Senior Technical Writer
Clever Devices, Ltd.
• Worked closely with the system design engineers to produce winning proposals using a combination of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Produced Compliance Matrices, which were distributed to the various engineers highlighting the items for which each was responsible.
• The information was returned to me for format and editing before being incorporated into the RFP.
• Using Adobe, extracted pages from the RFP pdf file, created forms that could be used electronically to enter data by the various financial and engineering departments, once the document was created as a pdf, went in and changed the priority settings and created a Table of Contents.
• I also created documents that describe the type of services and products provided by Clever Devices, user manuals, training manuals, and repair manuals.

Senior Technical Writer
InTranS Group, Inc.
• Responsibilities included: production of proposals (working with engineers for detailed design information), RFP, RFQ, user manuals, repair manuals, and business analysis.
• Word was used for the proposals, Excel for the financials and price matrices, SnagIt for all screen captures, and PowerPoint for all presentations.
• Responsible for maintaining the catalog of resumes, which included translating many of these resumes from French to English.

Sr. Technical Writer
Correctnet, Inc.
• Produced all system and user guides using Word uploaded to the client’s portal branding them with the customer’s logo.
• SnagIt was used for all screen captures, and Photoshop was used to create/enhance/cleanse report and screen captures.
• As a Business Systems Analyst, performed full regression testing on the new systems prior to their release as part of the QA team, wrote test scripts, and compiled the test results.
• Used Microsoft’s Project Manager Software to create Variance reports.
• Later, after being integrated into the IT team, was responsible for reengineering the creation of existing systems by determining the business rules applied and the documenting the file layouts.
• After determining how the system was developed, I incorporated the information into the client’s extranet.

Technical Writer/Trainer
New York City Board of Education
• As a consultant with the Board of Education, was responsible for documenting the existing systems explaining how they work and the features of each in Word, creating the HTML help screens using Front Page and HTML, wrote job descriptions and resumes for the development staff, the detailed documentation for the Chancellor’s Customer Service Center system, as well as documenting all existing and newly created web-based systems.
• Performed a detailed analysis of all database systems to determine the manner in which the various files were linked together using Visio.
• Using Word, produced a functional specification for the new Student Identification System working with the development staff, financial, and system analysts.
• When the Chancellor’s Customer Service Center was first created (prior to 211), also served as a supervisor to the customer service representatives taking all calls that came from superintendents, news personnel, and school officials.
• Also served as manager in the training of new customer service reps, performed on-the-phone training for users trying to navigate new systems, and followed up on delicate situations.

Technical Writer/Graphical Artist
City & Suburban Delivery Systems
• As a graphical artist, responsible for the creation of Intranet presentations for upper management, flow diagrams, functional flow charts, and maps using Visio.
• As a technical writer, creation of all forms used by Customer Service, Credit, and the Warehouse, preparation of functional specifications, procedures, and training material using Word and Information Mapping.

JULY 1998 TO AUGUST 2000
Documentation Specialist
• GS XXI sold infrastructure planning and designs to small companies who did not have a department to do this. Working with all areas of the corporation, prepared functional specifications and proposals for the solicitation of contracts (RFPs).
• Worked closely with the engineering department with regard to documenting domains, protocols, hardware, and software.
• Involved in the Gap Analysis of an automated freight system.
• Other responsibilities included: serving as scribe for all high-level meetings, analyze work performed and produce work flows to portray the steps followed, preparation of system and flow charts for operations and engineering departments.
• Worked closely with the Operations Department to create security, disaster recovery, and operating procedures.
• I have also installed an NT Server (LH Pro) in order to produce installation instructions for the network group. Involved in the production of training manuals and the internal training of employees in the use of Information Mapping, Visio, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Technical Writer
Periphonics Corporation
• Worked closely with Project Management to prepare functional and design specifications for generic IVR systems, operator’s guides in Word, a variety of flow and functional charts in Visio, user’s guides, and release notes for PCCP (Periphonics Calling Card Platform).
• Also produced call flows in Visio for new systems and, working from the code, reverse engineered call flows for existing systems.
• In many cases, the Project Manager would sit at my desk designing the way in which a system would be created and I created the functional/flow chart at the same time.
• Working with R&D, was involved in the design of telephony systems and the creation of product descriptions.

Technical Writer
MSC Industrial Supply Company

• Using Word, prepared Human Resources Procedures, Payroll Procedures, Sales Order Entry System User’s Guide, Credits and Collections Department Training and Procedures Manual, Branch Manager’s User’s Guide, Accounts Payable Training and Procedures Guide, and Company Travel Procedures.
• Worked with Operations and existing managers to create security procedures that were incorporated into a training manual for new Branch Managers
• Production of manuals required extensive forms design using Visio, Designer, and PowerPoint.

APRIL 1995 TO MARCH 1996
Business Analyst
Arrow Electronics, Inc.

• Using a combination of Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel, responsibilities included: the preparation of EDI Transaction Mapping Guides for Arrow customers and suppliers.
• Preparation of proposals and technical specifications for program enhancements and new systems.
• Design of all forms used by the Electronic Commerce department using Visio and Designer.
• Design and maintenance of customer and supplier information database in Excel using Word’s Mail Merge function to create the labels for the tapes.
• Preparation of a quarterly publication that was distributed throughout the corporation.
• The documentation of all JCL streams used for the processing of EDI transactions, POS, and inventory.

Senior Technical Writer
Bear Stearns
• Developed functional specifications and a test plan for a SUN UNIX Commodity Arbitrage System in Word Incorporated the documents into FrameMaker to forward to the Project Manager for review. FrameMaker was used due to the fact that Tech Writing used PCs and development were all using SUN UNIX machines since FrameMaker spanned manufacturers.
• Developed proposals for both the Mainframe and PC groups as well as functional specifications, test plans, and both high level and detailed flow diagrams for use by all levels of management.

Worked as Developer (FORTRAN and Assembly) and as a Systems Analyst.

EDUCATION: B.A. SUNY at Stony Brook
A.A.S. SUNY at Farmingdale
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Business Writing