Ibrar Kaif

Freelance Screenwriter & Fashion Photographer

Location:United States
2 Skills
SUMMARY: Highly creative and self-motivated Creative Writer with great background creating original written works, such as plays or prose, for publication and performance. A highly motivated person who want to use his God gifted talent of creativity for the betterment of the humanity, very interested stories & Screenplays on original social issues i.e. Poverty, Terrorism, Education, Child labor, Unethical business/social practices, and Love. PERSONAL PROFILE
IBRAR KAIF Nationality: Pakistani Address: 166 C-2, Johar town-Lahore
Email: ibrkaif@gmail.com
Mob: 0334-7271202
? Very creative to write any kind of stories ,documentaries, dramas, Screenplays and can think out of the box
? Knowledge of editing equipment and a willingness to keep up with changes in that technology
? Ability to work alone on detailed and sometimes tedious work
? Problem-solving skills to make film sequences work well or to work with the available footage
? Strong interpersonal skills to work well with directors, cinematographers, sound editors, special effects editors and music producers
? Flexibility to deal with production delays, unexpected problems and varied personality types
? Ability to remain calm and confident in high-stress or crisis situations
? A commitment to high-quality work and to continuing to improve your own skills and knowledge
Summary of Qualifications
? Strong researching and reporting skills. ? Uncommon talent to envision and craft unique and memorable brand Stories. ? Superior command of English language. ? Possess exceptional eye for detail. ? Remarkable command of MS Word, and MS Office. ? excellent time-management and prioritization skills. ? Strong communication skills. ? profound ability to perform gracefully under pressure and meet deadlines. ? Strong willingness to be flexible to project needs. ? Remarkable ability to perform as part of a team as well as individually. ? immense desire to mentor and develop editorial skills of content Producers. ? Great enthusiasm for Web trends.
? Possess positive, proactive, solution-oriented approach to problems
Professional Experience
Creative Writer
? Conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail, utilizing sources such as newspaper accounts, diaries, and interviews.
? Review, submit for approval, and revise written material to meet personal standards and satisfy needs of client, publisher, director, or producer.
? Select subject or theme for writing project based on personal interest and writing specialty, or assignment from publisher, client, producer, or director.
? Develop factors, such as theme, plot, characterization, psychological analysis, historical environment, action, and dialogue, to create material.
? Write humorous material for publication or performance, such as comedy routines, gags, comedy shows, or scripts for entertainers.
? Write fiction or nonfiction prose work, such as short story, novel, biography, article, descriptive or critical analysis, or essay. Writes play or script for moving pictures or television, based on original ideas or adapted from fictional, historical, or narrative sources.
? Organize material for project, plans arrangement or outline, and write synopsis.
? Collaborate with other writers on specific projects.
? Screen Writing
? Creative Director
? Communication skill
? Interpersonal Skills
? MS Office
? Spss
? Adobe movie maker
? Photography
? Adobe Photoshop
Education University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore
BBA-H 2016