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Location:Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
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I am a self employed artist and creative practitioner.

I specialise in stop motion animation, screen printing and painting. These methods of practice are translated to various age groups with guided tuition.

Artist statement
My work develops from found and sought images originating from endless media resources. Magazines, old newspaper clippings, photographs are accumulated from outings and endeavours. My surrounding environment can also influence my work.

Maladjusted with colour and shape, a painting is constructed from a chosen image, a photograph, an initial sketch. The preliminary image is an outline, a starting point. Converting drawing into paint, the simplicity and the immediacy is something that I adhere to.

When the adaptation onto canvas is inappropriate the painting becomes a battle. Further content is added to improve the compositional arrangement, deletion of specific areas and layers are applied.

Cross referencing images create a whole realm of misshapen relationships and narratives. The context from the original image changes in its transition into paint.

These characteristics create a refreshing painting style that is consumed with past inspiration and contemporary issues.

© 2011 matt davies
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