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Barbara LeeLynn Maples
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I have been recently certified at U.S. Career Institute as an Animal Care Specialist/Veterinarian Assistant, and wish to enjoy my experience in learning my skills with more of a educating approach.

Relevant Skills:
Basic Animal care
Rehabilitation Services
Animal Training
Animal Behavior
Animal Educator
Animal Nutritionist
Elementary Animal Healthcare
Specialized Animal Care
Captive Breeding Programs
Assisting Rescue and Adoption
Animal Conservationist
Animal Handler
Animal Therapist
Administering Elementary Medicines and Procedures

Computer Skills:
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook); Windows XPNista

Qualifying Responsibilities:
1) Providing tours, educational information or written material to help guests or others understand behaviors,habitats and life of various animals.
2) Feeding, cleaning, and caring for various captive animals.
3) Tracking, monitoring, charting and recording physical changes or changes in behavior of animals under care.
4) Recommend appropriate breeding times based on research gathered from observations.
5) Capturing and restraining animals as required for treatment or monitoring.
6) Assist with the raising of young animals that are separated from or unable to be cared for by their mothers.
7) Answering and responding to questions from visitors or guests.
8) Designing diets based on research of various species.
9) Advising pet owners regarding the purchase of specific animals.
10) Evaluating behavior to determine their temperaments, abilities, and aptitude for training or adoption.
11) Administer prescribed medications to animals.

Areas Of Study:
Proper Handling and Restraint of Animals
Physical Examination of Animal Patients
Grooming, Bathing and Manicuring
Medical Terminology
Basic Anatomical Terminology and The Skeletal Systems
The Digestive System
The Endocrine and Nervous Systems
Matter and Measurements
Immunity and Vaccinations
Disease Control
X-Ray for Animals
Preparing for Surgery
Postoperative Procedures
Giving Medicine to Animals
Laboratory Examinations
Dental Care
Poisonous Reptiles, Insects, and Plants
Emergency Procedures in Animal Healthcare
Bandaging and Wound dressing
Animal Terminology
Sanitation in the Animal Health Facility
The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
The Genitourinary System
How the Body Works in Animals
Handling Drugs and Medicines
The Care and Handling of Exotic Animals
Animal Laws and Regulations
Surgical Operations in the Animal Hospital
Assisting the Veterinary Surgeon
Anesthesia for Animals
Parasites that Infest Animals
Quarantine and Control
Animal Feeding and Diets
Large Animal care
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Article Writing
Creative Writing