Martina Mercer

Freelance Copywriter & Article Writer

Location:York, York, United Kingdom
Phone: 07540545860
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Martina Mercer
Date of birth : 08 June 1979
e-mail :

Key Skills
Proficient in a vast array of writing, blogging, article writing and editing skills

2005 to 2011 BA (open)
Open University
2005 to 2011 Diploma in Creative Writing
Open University
2005 to 2011 Certificate in Natural Sciences
Open University

Also hold 11 GCSEs Grade C and above and 3 A-Levels from Hymers College, Hull.

Work Experience

Freelance Writer/Editor
As well as the jobs listed below I have also been working as a freelance writer and editor for many years. There are far too many companies to list on a CV, however, my jobs include:
Celebrity Blogging
Celebrity Ambassador
Product Descriptions for many food chains, (chocolate, pastries, diet options)
Sales Letters for many sites
Website content for many businesses
Social Media Management (Updating Facebook, Twitter etc. in an engaging way to customers and bringing more traffic)
Technical Articles
Sales Articles
Reviewer of children’s TV
Giving *** and Relationship Advice online

Celebrity Journalist, Contributor Editor and PR manager
Packtypes, Evesham
Integrating with celebrities to promote a leading brand. Contributing 4 articles per week to the website.

Editorial Contributor
Reviewing Film and TV and writing articles which appeal to the general public including SEO.

Lead Journalist
Ozio Media, New Jersey, USA
May 2011 – Present Day
Writing on a vast array of topics with SEO keywords for individual business and media clients.
Hitting deadlines even if working on a 24 hour shift.

Lead Article Writer
Princeton Commercial holdings, Princeton, USA
April 2011 – Present Day
Writing a vast array of articles on topics such as health, ***, relationships, product reviews and film reviews for clients.

Solstice Publishing Part-Time
Lead Editor Jan 2010 to Present Day
? Editing accepted submissions ready for publication as eBook or printed format in a number of genres
Solstice Publishing Part-time job
Author Jan 2010 to Present Day
? Secured a publishing contract for my work of fiction, The Ghost Garden, which is now widely available.
? Had many BBC interviews publicizing the book.
UKDN Full-Time
Technical Author Jan 2008 to Dec 2009
? Compiled a team of photographers, safety experts and writers to produce Best Practice Guides for insurance companies.
Good For You Full-Time
Proprietor Aug 2000 to Jan 2008
? Owned a bookshop and Health Food Shop

Activities and Interests
Internet Personal website maintenance and design at
Writing Daily blogs as well as poetry
Other Walking, Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Singing.
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Article Writing