Gwenaël PROST

Freelance Graphic Designer & Book Designer

Location:Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
2 Skills
The specificities of my studies allowed me to build an artistic approach about design, my creations oscillating between industrial-like objects and more experimental ones. A perpetual research of inteligent and sensible solutions.
My views on design have developped through my different encounters, in an attempt to reach a blurred-limit design. A design at the edge of art, craft, open to domains that, at first glance, would not seem to fit in a designing process.
A process based on exchanges and discussions to build a more coherent aesthetic and functional answer .
My concept of design is motivated by this will to put together this melting pot of ideas.

I thus had the opportunity to make creations exterior to my primary field of study, such as animated video ( mapping and stop-motion), graphism and illustration.
Apart from my exchanges, my practice grows thanks to my personal everyday experiences, and especially through my practice on origami.
First considered as hobby, this artistic field brought me to an interest about everything foldable.
It is a research tool, allowing me to create fast prototyping and solutions with a specific aesthetic matching my interest.
My researches about folding keep my fascination intact. The fold is tangling into my own creation, bringing me closer to the limit between art and science which, for me, characterise design
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Graphic Design
Book Design