Prajakta Mehendale

Freelance Article Writer & Content Writer

Location:Livonia, Michigan, United States
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Areas of Expertise:

Magazine articles (both short and long), Buzzfeed-style articles, blog posts, fiction writing, press releases, copywriting, SEO/marketing consulting, business plans, etc.

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Special Skills/Experiences:

• New Media Driver's License (Certified in online advertising, SEO, and social media marketing/monitoring
• University coursework in AP-style writing, PR, copywriting, and creative writing
• Experience writing articles and performing revisions under strict deadlines
• Experience creating buzzworthy and share-worthy content to drive traffic and engagement
• Proficient in Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office, Prezi, iOS, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.


I do freelance writing full-time, so I am available to write multiple posts per day and write on weekends if needed. I know that in freelance writing gigs, flexibility is a must, and you need to be able to catch hot topics that are trending and write numerous articles throughout the day, and be timely…I can definitely do all that.
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Article Writing
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