Farhat Saiyed

Freelance Content Writer & Newsletter Writer

Location:Redmond, Washington, United States
2 Skills
Software Development in Test
• Proficient in C, good experience in C#, .NET Framework, UI automation.
• Worked intermittently with C++
• Querying SQL Server 2012, Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 certified
Software Testing
• Proficient in all the aspects of testing (functional, integration, sanity, stress, performance testing) on various processor architectures. Worked on Windows CE 7.0, RTOS (VRTX)
• Testing tools - Windows Test Technologies (WTT, a test case management tool and automation framework for scheduling tests, logging the results on backend servers), Proprietary stress test framework, Product Studio (Bug management tool), Appverifier (memory leak detection tool), Network Simulators (Agilent / Anritsu /Anite), Visual C++ BoundsChecker,
• Debugging and development tools Visual Studio 2005/2008/2012, Platform Builder 7.0, Source Insight, ARM RealView Debugger, Handsets simulating tool, MMI maker tool
• Build and other tools Source depot and source depot browser (version control system), Cygwin, Rational Clearcase, Change and release management - Rational ClearDDTS, Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server 2008, Microsoft Excel 2010/2013


• Created the technical document and user guide for test kit which was very useful for other teams to understand the design and enabled them to add tests in the tool.
• Created test specification documents for various product features
• Volunteer for creating monthly newsletter for a non-profit organization called mcrcseattle.org
• Delivered numerous presentations/sessions for the modules I owned for my team while working at Infosys

RGEN SOLUTIONS – Microsoft Contractor (1 year) Feb’ 11 – April’ 12
Software Development Engineer in Test, Redmond, WA in Phone and Device Lab test team of Microsoft Automotive Platform. The project involves testing of Microsoft Auto platform’s Bluetooth (BT) stack for Ford sync 2. This includes testing of MS auto BT profiles (PBAP, AT, OBEX PB, AT SMS, MAP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP) with different phone types (CDMA, GSM) as well as with various phone makes and models. Details below

• Developed MAP (SMS BT profile) test scenarios document for BVT, functional, stress, long haul, boundary, fuzz, performance testing
• Developed automated stress test cases for MAP BT profile
• Executed the manual test cases for all the BT profiles, filed bugs and was part of bug triages
• Device lab test passes on various phone makes and models with MS Auto
• Bug fix verification once fix is delivered by developer, update the bug with details of the results, logs, crash dump
• Owned stress test execution of BT stack. Worked closely with stress lab to help setup the environment for BT stack testing. Biweekly stress test kick off
• Co-ordinated with test team located in China during test passes
• Mentored the new members joining the team

INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - Microsoft Contractor (6 years) Apr’ 04 – Jun’ 10
Software Development Engineer in Test & Onsite Coordinator, Redmond, WA (Feb’09 – Present) in System and Network test team of Microsoft Automotive Unit.
The project involves thorough testing of BSP and drivers of Windows CE 7 based Microsoft Auto reference platforms. It involves testing on platforms with various architectures like armv6, SH4, x86. Details below:
• Designed and developed Microsoft Auto BSP test kit (MABTK). The kit aims to enable Microsoft partners to demonstrate their BSPs are MS Auto compliant BSPs. Designed a reporting tool to report the results of these tests in spreadsheet and analyze the results
• Worked on modifying the existing test cases written in C for MABTK with the aim of making them generic to be able to run on BSPs for different platforms and processor architectures
• Created the technical document and user guide for Microsoft Auto BSP test kit which was very useful for other teams to understand the design and enabled them to add tests in the tool.
• Worked on maintaining the existing test collateral for Systems and Networking team in Microsoft Auto. Owned power management, Audio, CDROM, USB, serial driver testing on Microsoft Auto armv6, x86 and SH4 platforms
• Owned the testing of a critical Systems feature called snapshot boot. This feature enables to load a pre-cached imaged and reduce the boot time of the device by storing the system snapshot to a non-volatile memory.
• Developed test specification of the Systems feature called snapshot boot and developing functional, stress, performance, fuzzy test cases for the feature
• Developed test scripts in C# using proprietary automation tool called CONCORD for the feature. I was able to find bugs in the CONCORD tool itself while using it for automating the feature
• Responsible for mentoring the offshore team on this tool, automating the test cases in other areas, MABTK and other test activities
• I was among the top 5 bug-bashers in the team during bug bash carried out before the beta release of the product
• Responsible for coordinating with the offshore team for all the test activities. It involves working with different stakeholders to derive key decisions, working closely with test leads and PM team for defining the scope of testing activities to be carried out by the Infosys team. It also comprises working with other test teams and development team to un-block the offshore team.
• I have been proactive in communicating any issues or delays in schedule and getting all stakeholders on same page to reach the quick resolution of the problem
• While at offshore, was responsible for planning and tracking the team from Pune, Infosys. Owned all the deliverables from offshore like test scope document based on dry run of networking, multimedia, shell and BSP tests on SH4 platform, test plan, test result reports and co-ordination with onsite team member. Worked extensively on Microsoft Excel 2010 while working on test result reports

Software Development Engineer in Test, Redmond, WA (Oct ‘07 – Sept ‘08) in Startkey UI test team in UPG for Microsoft Inc.
The project involved development of test tools and testing of smart storage device UI. Details below:
• Completely owned the testing of the complete Startkey UI. It included the UI testing of applications like windows explorer, login and synchronization applications.
• Developed test plan and test specification for Startkey UI automation.
• Responsible for design and development of UI automation tool. The tool was developed in C#. Used the RPF framework developed by Microsoft to develop the UI automation tool. Found bugs in the RPF framework while using it for tool development
• Worked on the development of functional, stress and performance UI test cases and fixing bugs in the UI automation tool
• Review of functional and design specification of various modules of the product like backup and sync, Startkey explorer. Review of User experience screenshots designed by UX team. This review was very valuable for UX team. The product market was aimed at the developing countries and being from India I could think from the perspective of smart device users in those countries
• Development of BVT (Build verification tests) and check-in tests
• Active participation in triage meetings
• Worked as a mentor for Startkey vendor team in China.

Software Development Engineer in Test, Bangalore, India (Aug ‘05 – Oct ‘07) in Cellular Platform test team for Freescale Semiconductors Inc.
The project focused on enhancements, bug fixing and testing of Freescale’s Protocol stack using AT application. Details below:
• Implemented AT commands on Freescale’s architecture on RTOS and maintenance of the AT application. Implementation was done in C.
o SMS commands (basic operation of short message service of phone)
o Call meter (AOC) commands
o VOICE/ CSD/ PSD call application (basic voice and data call operations of phone)
o Multiple Packet Data Protocol (PDP) context implementation and support from the AT.
• Involved in porting AT commands to use Freescale Baseband Access layer to interact with DL (Device Layer) layer.
• Worked on RealView JTAG debugger and fixing bugs in various AT modules
• Developed the test cases for testing of cellular platform Layer (CPA) for next-generation mobile platform solutions and technologies.
• Integration Testing on network simulators (Agilent/ Anritsu / Anite) and live network.
• Involved in creation of test plan
• Involved in code reviews, review of design document.

Software Developer, Bangalore, India (July 2004 – July 2005) in MMI maintenance team for Wavecom. Details below:
• Gained SME in the architecture, graphical engine and communication engine and interaction between various modules.
• Involved in MMI maintenance as per the specs. It involved providing analysis, propose solutions for received bugs and the implementation of the proposed solution in C.
• Unit and Integration Testing of bug fixes. Peer reviews for the bug-fixes and major enhancements
• Single handedly worked on wrapping up the project and taking up the complete ownership after the team was downsized. Received several appreciations from the client and the Infosys Management for working diligently.
• SPOT award in my Business Unit in Infosys for establishing the new team and taking complete ownership of the project deliverables from offshore for Microsoft Automotive BSP Test project
• SPOT award in my Business Unit in Infosys for single-handedly managing the Wavecom project
• Stood second in the North Gujarat University in Bachelors of Engineering
• Participated in an Indo-Russia protocol program which was supported by the HRD ministry, Govt. of India at Moscow in the 1996.
• Awarded “Best Student of School” in the 1998.

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering: North Gujarat University, U V Patel College of Engineering, India; 1999-2003

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