Corrinia Rismiller

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
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I have been a writer of poetry since I was very young. I always wanted to be a writer .My literary hero's are Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost. I bring diversity to writing using life experiences. After a Seizure;I was in a coma for 19 hrs.and awoke being able to speak several different languages and hearing from Angels. I can tell you anything that occurred in History on any given date.I can translate hieroglyphics, Aramaic and Arabic. I also plan on translating the Bible into something everyone can understand. Since the seizure I am able to tell you what person wrote what scripture , even the year and time. This was proven by Psychological tests .I was given an IQ of 219.NoI am not crazy ; I am highly favored and divinely blessed.
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Creative Writing
Poem Writing