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Nathaniel Russell

Freelance Graphic Designer & Comic Artist

Location:El Monte, California, United States
Phone: 3602418102
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My name is Nathaniel Russell, creator of Fedora Stories.

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, and director. My design style is clean, sophisticated, and professional, and I am very much into expressive typography. I believe in the importance of design with a clear story, whether the story is told with convincing graphic design, expressive illustration, or vivid imagery in photography. My work has strong sense of storytelling and structure whether it is drawn illustrations, logo design, magazine layout, concept designs, or comics just to name a few.

In my work, my paintings and digital color pieces showcase my knowledge of color theory and my ability to illustrate scenes with different lighting conditions. My line drawing pieces show how line weight and direction can portray depth. The charcoal pieces show form, shape and texture. I also show my knowledge of visual storytelling in my sequential art and comics.

My design pieces show how I use color, text, and layouts to create a clean and professional product in everything from pamphlets, to brand maintenance, to packaging, and more. I also show a knowledge of brand and the importance of a consistent presence on social media to help solidify a brand identity.
I have skills in most of Adobe’s Creative Suite as well as Microsoft office and coursework in HTML 5.

With a working knowledge of many mediums, I create solutions that are appropriate for any illustration or artistic project. My goal as an artist is simply to tell an effective story.

A link to my work:

Thank you for your time and consideration


Nathaniel Russell
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Graphic Design
Comic Art