Daniel Puig

Freelance Aerospace Engineer & Engineer

Location:Tallahassee, Florida, United States
2 Skills
I have a bachelor 's degree in aerospace engineering and 29 plus years of experience working as aviation engineer and quality control inspector in aviation industry.I have extensive knowledge in the followings equipment: POWER PLANT(CSD , IDG ) , AIRFRAME (HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: PUMPS ,VALVES, ACTUATORS, FLAPPERON, SERVOVALS,ACCUMULATORS, SERVO CONTROL).
I am very observant with the ability to pay close attention to details visually,dimensionaly or mechanical to ensure nothing is over looked during overhaul and repair process.I know exactly
what to look for during the test or during inspection..I have the tools and knowledge in troubleshooting; also I am familiar with microscope,tetsing machines,height gauge ,caliper ,micrometer,hipot test ,bonding tets, sheffiel iom precisionaire column instrument,bore gauges, holemike, megohmmeter,ohmmeter..
I'm graduated from national aviation university kiev Ukraine 1986