Freelance Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Location:Winter Garden, Florida, United States
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Professional Profile
Detail-oriented, self-motivated, upbeat professional with over 20 years Administrative, Accounting, Marketing and Customer Service experience. Holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. Very well organized and comfortable working in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment. Able to balance competing priorities and tight deadlines. Effective team player that understands the value of working together towards a common goal. Experienced at training new employees and co-workers alike. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Fluent in English and Spanish.
• MS Dynamics CRM
• MS Word 2016
• MS Excel 2016
• MS Publisher 2016
• Windows 7 & 8
• Office Telecommuting
• ACT Premium, v17
• MS One Note 2016
• Home Business Owner
• MS PowerPoint 2016
• MS Outlook 2016
• MS Photo Manager
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Elements
• Social Media Outlets
• XORA Workforce Management
• QuickBooks Pro
• QuickBooks Online
• Adobe Acrobat
• Corel Draw
• Windows Movie Maker

Professional Accomplishments

Executive Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper – Telecommuting
• Telecommuting from home to provide Executive Administrative & Bookkeeping duties to the owner of a software company.
• Provide general accounting and bookkeeping duties by creating invoices, bank reconciliation, travel expenses, billable time, employee timesheets, collecting and resolving accounts receivable problems with clients. Creating new vendor files and obtaining appropriate paperwork for sub-contractors.
• Working directly with owner of company to efficiently assist in various tasks to streamline and help him develop procedures for his company.
• Develop & integrate of all clients from Quickbooks online into MS Dynamics CRM. Train owner & employees on how to use MS Dynamics CRM for client management, marketing, job proposals & sales analysis.
• Process paperwork for all new employees and setup in both Zenefits and Quickbooks online.
• Assist in formatting, designing, preparing and delivering graphics used for proposal submittals for training & presentations. Create blog posts for website & other social media outlets as needed.
• Arrange travel arrangements for owner, including air, hotel, car & any other miscellaneous requests.

Owner- Direct Sales – Home Business
• Own my own home business with a direct sales company that focuses on Health & Wellness.
• Managing time to work from home, emailing & calling potential prospects to recruit both customers and/or other promoters.
• Give presentations in person, over the phone or through video conferencing.
• Build teams of promoters, teach them to duplicate our system, help them with phone calls, presentations and to recruit promoters & customers.
• Posting on various social media sites & engaging with potential prospects
• Engaging in daily accountability calls, weekly team & corporate calls.
• Participating in LID (Leadership & Influence Development) program with John C Maxwell

Director of Marketing & Client Development
• Developed partnerships with printing companies to offer wholesale discounts to all our brochure clients and oversaw all aspects of these projects. Liaison between print client and print company. Some of these duties included meeting with clients to help with design layouts, setting rates, paper & finishing options, inventory needed, shipping details, processing invoices, billing & profit margins.
• Developed and maintained a process for FPIS to integrate the XORA mobile app for day to day operations of their brochure distribution. This process included customizing the XORA app in order for it to meet our needs, pulling approximately 200 data spreadsheets every month from our main database, adding that information to XORA templates & uploading them every day to XORA online.
• Created, designed and updated all marketing material used by the company to handout or mail out, mainly for the Sales Dept.
• Updated any and all changes to any of our over 3,200+ brochure locations spanning from Virginia all the way down to the Florida Keys. This included the FPIS, Morris Publications & Seaworld distribution programs we managed.
• Liaison between the Service Partners, Operations & Upper Management for any and all things related to the XORA app including the proper functioning of the mobile phones.
• Oversaw Vehicles Graphics program with our fleet vehicles for clients interested in this form of advertising.
• Attended and worked tourism events around or out of town. Some duties included, helping run silent auctions, create all marketing material, set up booth and reach out to prospects.
• Help train new employees on our ACT database, printing basics & how to properly turn-in paperwork.
• Created & updated monthly all display layouts for 25 routes with over 150 different displays types.
• Other administrative duties such as answering calls, processing paperwork, creating presentations, follow-ups with Service Partners or clients, printing, copying, bank run or post office runs.

Executive Administrative Assistant/ Assistant Office Manager/ Bookkeeper
• Provide general accounting and bookkeeping duties by creating invoices, collecting and resolving accounts receivable problems with clients and I also monitor and maintain vendor files for accuracy of outstanding payments.
• Working directly under President of company to efficiently assist in various tasks to streamline and organize his multiple duties. Liaison between staff engineers and President of company.
• Update contracts and leases on a monthly basis; enroll employees in and maintain files on employees benefit programs, human resources and other official documents; ensure prompt processing of weekly timesheets, expense reports, and employee claims; assist in preparing and implementing company policies.
• Maintain the accounts receivable system updated by providing reports of current status; monitor and maintain vendor files for verification and approval of accounts payable.
• Assist in formatting, designing, preparing and delivering graphics used for proposal submittals for local, state, and federal government offices.
• Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company by updating and maintaining company technical library database, various company email boxes, ensuring there is no company downtime by equipment malfunction; arrange meetings, webinars and seminars as directed.

Work History

NEBBIA Tech 06/15 –
Executive Administrative Asst / Bookkeeper

ViSalus Troy, MI 08/12 -
Owner- Direct Sales – Home Business

FPIS Inc, Ocoee, FL 11/09 – 02/15
Director of Marketing & Client Development

BPC Group Inc., Orlando, FL 08/07 – 08/09
Executive Administrative Assistant/ Asst. Office Manager/ Bookkeeper

Associate of Arts
Business Administration Northern Virginia Community College, Sterling, VA
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Office Management