Linda Verde

Freelance Copywriter & Editor

Location:Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
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An AWAI-trained freelance copywriter and editor, Linda specializes in B2B web content marketing. She has more than 20 years of experience in business writing and having worked in the academic arena for many years has the ability to express detailed and complex concepts in clear, accessible language. She has a keen interest in many things and seeks out opportunities to learn and understand how things work and the effects of things in relation. To this sense of enquiry she brings a consummate facility with the English language and an in-depth understanding of marketing. Her unique perspective inspires her ability to know what her target audience wants and what will draw their attention. She raises professional and corporate profiles with editorial integrity and creative, persuasive copy. Her passion for story-telling, language and client success drives her dedication to excellence and eloquence. She is described as creative, dedicated, self-motivated, astute, and resourceful.

• Newsletter articles written for 3M Canada were a combination of product studies and success stories. The product studies often required in-depth research to gain a level of knowledge and vocabulary that allowed accurate representation of a product’s nature, uses, benefits and drawbacks. The articles were written to inform employees of recent innovations and wins. The success stories reinforced employee morale and also inspired cross-division collaboration resulting in product improvement and creation.
• Petra Remy’s unique selling proposition is an investment strategy that supports socially responsible corporations and a passion for helping women manage their finances. Linda has worked with Ms. Remy, ghostwriting articles and entries for an elite professional directory, as well as writing speeches and seminar presentations. Her writing has helped raise Ms. Remy’s professional profile and that of the Taylor Remy Investment Group at CIBC Wood Gundy. Working together to raise Ms. Remy’s professional profile has made her a requested speaker and a successful investment advisor.
• A talented writer by any measure, Linda recently honed specialized copywriting skills by completing the AWAI program, the gold standard for copywriters. She has attended webinars and workshops with copywriting masters such as Clayton Makepeace, Nick Usborne and Joshua Boswell. These skills focus on writing succinctly, clearly and persuasively to better reach a client’s target market.
• Under my leadership Ivey Business Quarterly, a prestigious management magazine published by Ivey Business School, reached thousands of business executives. The articles dealt with leading-edge management best practices and as editor, Linda successfully met the challenge of ensuring that the articles met the criteria of a how-to piece, translating theoretical concepts into practical business applications.
• For Smith-With-an-Eye Communications, Linda’s editing gave projects that important second-set-of-eyes, assuring accuracy and consistency of presentation that helped establish clients as forces in the marketplace. One project was a regular publication for the oil and gas industry.
• While managing editor of Ivey Business Quarterly responsibility for operations and production through publication cycles developed Linda’s project management skills - keeping details focussed from vision to completion and setting priorities with multi-tasking to ensure deadlines were met.
• Writing and editing articles for a nursing/business professional, helped raise her profile. Now she is a successful director of services, sought-after speaker and educator.
• Linda’s diverse background comprises experience in management, health care, academics, government, education, engineering, law and manufacturing. She has a wide-ranging expertise in specific terminologies and makes creative associations that lead to synergistic marketing.

Freelance Writer and Editor 1988-Present
• Raising professional and corporate profiles through web content, articles, case studies, white papers, newsletters, blog posts and other writing services
• Increasing product and service awareness and purchase through persuasive marketing copy
• Facilitating team-building, employee excellence and innovation through articles in internal newsletters 3M Canada
• Ghost writing of articles for Taylor Remy Investment Group
• Writing website content for Moreno Web Design and writes content for their clients
Smith with an Eye Communications Management 1998-Present
• Providing client compliance and advancement through copy and substantive editing of articles, annual reports, promotional materials and presentations
• Updating database, verifying research and providing Internet searches for established US publisher
ParaMed Home Health Care 1999-2003
• Documenting/editing policies, procedures and processes for consistency of service
• Advising on communications and marketing to raise the company’s profile as a premium health care service provider in the community
Ivey Business School, The University of Western Ontario 1975-1998
Acting Publisher/Editor of Ivey Business Quarterly 1997-1998
• Soliciting, selecting and editing manuscripts to publish, ensuring quality and leading-edge content while building relationships with authors and sponsors
• Managing the autonomous unit, approving illustrations, final copy edits, budgets, expenditures and overseeing staff
Managing Editor of Ivey Business Quarterly 1997-1998
• Managing and coordinating operations of magazine to maintain production schedule, quality standards and budget
• Relationship building through attending conferences to assess presentations for prospective authors and to solicit manuscripts
Editorial Assistant of Ivey Business Quarterly 1994-1997
• Striving for excellence while preparing manuscripts for publication, maintaining a subscription data base, supporting rest of editorial team - team-oriented and takes pride in product quality
Faculty Support 1975-1994
• Working with all levels of corporations and academics, providing expert support to executives and business faculty in administrative and research capacities

B.A. Hons., The University of Western Ontario, 1994

Copywriting and Editing: highly developed writing skills with a background in business and marketing and familiarity with several established writing styles, including APA, MLA, ChicagoPress, AP and CP; AWAI copywriting standards
Computer: MS Office; Publisher; Corel Suite; database and Internet applications
Languages: working knowledge of French, Norwegian and some Italian
Quick Study: adaptable and inquisitive
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