Banpreet Atwal

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Union City, California, United States
2 Skills
I’m a current high student looking for a full time job to earn money for college. I go to James Logan High School in Union City and am expected to graduate in 2018.

I’m a product designer and I improve things to fit our modern and overworked world. I like to create different products for different uses like toys, furniture, suitcases, coffee mugs, etc. I also have some experience in interior design which I enjoyed experimenting with. I like to keep a mix of things because I like to learn on new levels and develop my skills to create new things. I have taken 2 years of the STEM program offered at my school. At Logan, I was selected to receive the student of the year award from ROP Fremont. I have designed a bridge pedestrian bridge to solve the traffic problem at my school. (Screen Shots Below) I created the bridge on a 3D drawing system called Autodesk Inventor while my group created the scaled model version. I will later include some of the products that I designed. I also prefer to draw everything by hand because I can include details and make very specific designs.

I also have experience doing graphic design because of my mix experience in fashion design and engineering. I have designed packaging and things created by hand for my projects. I do request you to not look at my age or experience, but look more at my work.

I’m also a fashion designer/illustrator and INdesign all sorts of clothing designs used for different purposes. To look at my previous work, check out my website:
On this site you will see my work and also the things that I can do with a website. My bridge design screenshots are posted below.

Bridge Design

I’m looking for a fashion illustration or product design job online/remote in particular so that I can just send the designs via email or online. This allows me to manage school work and a job. I’m looking at a pay of $25-$35 an hour. I’m willing to adjust to the work hours needed each week. I do not have any formal experience and I prefer to have a job where I can learn and grow. I am a fast learner and can adjust quickly.

I can also do any other work that meets my requirements. I have kept accounts, checked documents, organized events and kept things organized for my teachers, peers, and myself. I have experience in Microsoft Word and Presentations. I am open to any opportunity that requires a person to be on top of things and super organized with great communication skills. I can adjust to almost any job of this sort as long as it’s telecommunication and doesn’t require me to follow the business hours because I have school. I’m probably able to work 30 hours a week on weekdays and maybe a little more on weekends depending on how many hours you need from me. If you are willing to be flexible with me, then I am more than willing to work longer for you.

Other Jobs that I’m interested and Capable of Doing:
Writing stories and scripts for plays, manga, and movies
Creating themes
Assisting Clients

Thank you for your time!~