Anthony Lopez

Freelance Graphic Designer & Book Illustrator

Location:United States
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Anthony Lopez

I’m an Illustrator and Freelance Fine Artist. I do drawings and Illustrations because I believe I was born on this earth to do something and I very well think I was born to do art. From a small boy I was into drawing little things, but as I became older it became a passion of mine and something I devote myself to day in and out; which is why I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. Art has always been a passion of who I am, but that just means I have a lot of passion in my life that I can use for a new job with your company.

I’ve done an internship at a church, work as a creative arts intern for 7 months. While working as a intern I helped do a mural for my the children’s area of the church. Afterwards was asked to create another mural for infant area in the church. I've also been creating a children's book directed towards what its like being a twin because it is a mystery kids don't understand. Doing that means I need to create individual characters for my book.

Throughout my life I’ve been taught many things about loyalty, hard work, determination, perseverance, commitment, respect, and commitment. These qualities that are a part of my daily life are aspects I can bring to the team. Being part of a team on needs to know how a team works and not work for one’s own gain, but for the purpose of the team, so being on many sports teams I was given the opportunity to work with different people with multiple amounts of personalities; working with them I began to understand how teams function as one unit and see how they fall apart divided. Lately I’ve been able to break down ideas I have of drawings and Illustration so that ideas are concrete and fit the purpose.

Not only have I done artwork, I’ve done community service work and some retail, working for the people doing the best I can to make people happy. I do what I can to learn anything to make the best of the new experience.
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