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Internet is a wonderful media and thanks to it you could be reaching not only the English speakers and believers, but to make your books, articles or other information available to the ever growing number of Spanish speakers and believers not only in my country: Spain, but in all Latin America and spread in many different parts of the world, so it could also be a blessing for them. I consider translating books, article and other information that has to do with our faith my small ministry. I have over 47 years experience, kindly read
this information.

Please take note of slight change in my email address: Rhode@Flores-translations.net. I look forward to hearing from you, Abba bless you toddah rabbah.

It is my sincere and constant prayer that our Abba ve shamaim who knows our hearts will make it possible for me to continue to find opportunities. I consider translation as my small ministry and I do my work with love, passion and faithfulness to Messiah Yeshua. We are Messianic believers and have our home congregation at BatZion in Springs, Texas. http://battzion.org/




This is a very complete information regarding my over 45 years experience as a freelance translator, interpreter, transcriptionist and author. I have transcribed 400 tapes for a Messianic ministry. Please see also the next two emails with samples of my work. I look forward to your kind information.

I have just finished translating of my 118th book into Spanish: THE JEWISH NEW TESTAMENT.
(Includes list of books below).

Wouldn't it be wonderful to make your important books, novels, articles, Web pages and other information available in SPANISH too? Wouldn't that be a fantastic idea? I am also sending a couple of emails with articles in English and Spanish and if you have any questions I will be of course be pleased to answer them.

There are a couple of article I translated a few years ago in: (www.torahresource.com).

I am also a writer, have one novel published in Spanish and another one in English as you will see below. At this time I am also looking into the opportunities of doing what I did years ago which is writing articles for Christian magazines and would like to know if it is possible and what would you pay. For example see next article.

I consider translation my personal ministry as well as my passion and in these very critical economical times I am convinced it is more important than ever to reach out to the ever increasing number of Spanish speakers.

As I am sure you know the U.S. Census Bureau has projected there will be 102.6 million Hispanics living in the United States in 2050. Throughout the United States, the Hispanic buying power is already near $1 TRILLION per year - the largest of any minority group. With some Spanish translation, is it possible for me to cooperate with you in the translation ministry in which I have over 45 years experience? (Please see more on this issue).

"We all know that in Spanish you need at least 20% more words than you use in English to say the same thing," says Schon, whose regular reviews in Booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association, can make or break a translated book's reputation. This is part of what literary experts define as the awakening of a new era in the book industry for U.S. Hispanics.

Translation became one of my passions when I was preparing my "Proficiency in English" from Cambridge University, which included English Language, literature RICHARD II of Shakespeare and translation. I was 16 when I translated my first book. These are very critical economical times and reading can often become a very welcome pastime. My daughter and I have always been passionate readers and in my parent's home in Madrid we had a library that covered 3 walls from the floor to the ceiling in several languages. (Please see next email with a couple of samples of translation).

I translated many of these articles:



I also have experience translating journalistic, psychology and psychiatry subjects and have read many books on these fascinating subjects in English, Spanish and French and I have also translated many articles on the subject of EDUCATION in the USA.

I have translated a total of ONE HUNDRED & SEVENTEEN books (including one by brother Charles Colson), one from French and the rest from English into Spanish, 129 articles for an encyclopedia in Madrid, SPAIN where I am from (please see lists below) done simultaneous translating in conferences in Austria, France and Spain, editing, proofreading, dubbing, transcribed 400 tapes. I also have a novel published in Spanish "Amanecer entre sombras" (sunrise among shadows) and my second novel "ABBA, LET ME SERVE YOU" was published by PUBLISH AMERICA.


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Abba, Let Me Serve You
Rhode Flores Barceló

Each one of the characters in this short story is part of my imagination, but at the same time the reality of life’s experiences; those things that touch us and make us what we become inevitably and in a very real way make up the main argument that is reflected in each of the pages not only of this book, but most importantly of our lives. Life grows, changes and colors the events that take place, touching the lives of others and molding the thoughts of the different characters because deep inside those of us who base our lives on the EMET, truth in Hebrew, of the Torah or Word of God and Messiah Yeshua, become the open book in which we make it possible for Messiah to write and to fashion our lives.

I have written a third novel "Marina, my own private Jericho" which I have sent to a Messianic publisher and I am waiting on their decision and welcome any information regarding its publication. I also used to write (and had published) articles for 3 Evangelical magazines in Spain and I have written several poems in English, one of which was published in a book. Composition was the subject I loved most when I went to the British Institute School in Madrid, so writing has always been one of my passions, as well as being an avid reader.

I previously translated many Web pages and other materials I have not included for the sake of space. (I was educated in the "British Institute School" in Madrid till the age of 15 and then got my "Proficiency in English" (English language, literature including Richard II of Shakespeare and translation) from Cambridge University.

Because Spanish speakers in the United States come from many countries, as you might know it is wiser to use experienced, professional translators who know universal Spanish, which is what I offer because mine is Castilian SPANISH from Madrid, SPAIN; avoid regional or national idioms except when the style or dialog call for them.

As you know this is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States and SPANISH is here to stay!!! Call me today to learn how easy and necessary are our services to millions of Spanish speaking people not only in Spain, South and Central America and other countries like Israel where Spanish is spoken extensively, but here in the USA where it is becoming an indispensable language. I have often translated 700 pages in one month, 2 books in 6 weeks or 17.000 words in 24 hours!!


1- Can we know? (Dale & Elaine Rothon)
2- Alexis secret mission (Anita Deyneka)
3- Heaven help the home (Elisabeth Baker)
4- Lincoln
5- The four loves (C.S. Lewis)
6- Who moved the stone? (Morris West)
7- Born Again (Charles W. Colson) *
8- Dream a new dream (Galloway)
9- How to be born again (Billy Graham)
10- The magicians nephew (C.S. Lewis)
11- How to handle pressure (Dr. Clyde Narramore)
12- Snare of the fowler (Taylor)
13- The saving life of Christ (Thomas)
14- Good morning Judy (Steuck)
15- Rehearsal for heaven (Hembree)
16- Disciplines of the beautiful woman (Anne Ortlund)
17- Jesse (Jesse Owens)
18- Goodness you're following me (Popejoy)
19- Gods plan for the overcomers (Watchman Nee)
20- My searching heart (Crying Wind)
21- The testimony of God (Watchman Nee)
22- You cant beat the Beatitudes (Wood/Krutza)
23- The Living Bible Story Book (Kenneth Taylor)
24- The seven deathly sins (Billy Graham)
25- Life Sentence (Charles W. Colson) *
26- Hanging loose in an uptight world (Michael Horban)
27- The friendship factor (Alan Loy McGinnis)
28- Esther, triumph of God's sovereignty (John C. Whitcomb)
29- The Epistle to the Hebrews (Charles F. Pfeiffer)
30- Israel’s fight for its survival (J. Swaggart)
31- Questions & Answers, vol. 3 and vol. 4 (J. Swaggart)
32- Mennonite Brethren Fellowship Manual
33- To have and to hold (Annette Reynolds)
34- Christian living (F.B. Meyer)
35- Five musts of the Christian life (F.B. Meyer)
36- Lessons in Daniel (F.B. Meyer)
37- The angels of God (A.C. Gaebelein)
38- The Foundations of Dispensational Truth (E.W. Bullinger)
39- According to Promise (Charles W. Spurgeon)
40- History foretold (William Pettingill)
41- Believe and live (William Pettingill)
42- Notes on the Book of Esther (H.A. Ironside)
43- Lectures on Levitical Offerings (H.A. Ironside)
44- Wrongly dividing the Word of Truth (H.A. Ironside)
45- Praying in the Holy Spirit (H.A. Ironside)
46- Full Assurance (H.A. Ironside)
47- Liberation from loneliness (David Claerbaut)
48- Lonely, but never alone (Nicky Cruz)
49- Beyond Heartache (Mari Hanes)
50- How to get what you pray for (Bill Austen)
51- Impressions from God or from Satan (Martin Wells Knapp)
52- BIBLE ATLAS (for Spanish House)
53- Lead on (John Haggai)
54- Praying Hyde (parts 2 & 3)
55- Matthew (parts I & II for Public. Intern.)
56- II Corinthians & Galatians (Public. Intern.)
57- From fury to freedom (Raul Ries)
58- Holy Living (Jeremy Irons)
59- The four hundred silent years (H.A. Ironside)
60- Love comes softly (Janette Oke)
61- The unknown God (Pickerin & Inglis)
62- Friendly counsels (F.B. Meyer)
63- The Discovery Bible Handbook (V. Gilbert Meers)
64- If God loves me, why cant I get my locker open? (Lorraine Peterson)
65- Childless is not less (Vicky Love)
66- Loves enduring Promise (Janette Oke)
67- Catholique et Chretiene? (Henry Bryant) (from French to Spanish)
68- Women of the Bible (Frances Vander Velder)
69- Your finances in changing times (Larry Burkett)
70- Three go searching (Patricia St. John)
71- Where the river begins (Patricia St. John)
72- Always daddys girl (H. Norman Wright)
73- La Ciudad Dorada (Dina Flores, into English) (from Spanish to English)
74- Disability awareness (Joni Eareckson & friends)
75- The risen Jesus (Rev. Alban Goodier, S.J. catholic)
76- Resurrection Ministries Manual
77- Document Higher Education for the EEC
78- Everyday Evangelism (Billie Hanks Jr.)
79- Premenstrual Syndrome (Dr. Marvin E. Eastlund, Focus on the Family)
80- Facing depression (Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family)
81- Overprotection (Dr. James Dobson, Focus)
82- The first nine months of life (Focus)
83- Growing a healthy marriage (Focus on the Family Guide)
84- Step by Step School of Acrylics (Wendy Clouse)
85- Drug Abuse Treatment in Prisons and Jails (National Institute on Drug Abuse RESEARCH Monograph Series, Rockville, Maryland).
86- Christian Zionism (booklet for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem)
87- Babylon or Jerusalem (Jan Willem van der Joeven, ICEJ)
88- Our hands are stained with blood (Michael L. Brown)
89- In the Name of the Father (Dr. John R. Strome)
90- Reunited (Judy Baer, Jan Duffy, Peggy Stoks, Jeri Odell)
91- The Case for Christianity (Don Steward)
92- The Touch of the Master (Deborah Meroff)
93- Fresh Elastic for Outstretched Moms (Barbara Johnson)
94- Morning Star (S.W. Bouwer)
95- Messie no More (Sandra Felton)
96- Growing Kids God's Way (Gary and Anne Marie Ezoo)
97- Leader's Guide - Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo
98- Secrets of His Kingdom (Norb)
99- At home in Mirford (Jan Karon)
100- The Heart Reader (Anonymous)
101- When you Live with a Messie (Sandra Felton)
102- Babywise (Gary Ezzo & Dr. Robert Bucknam, M.D.)
103- Babywise II (Gary Ezzo & Dr. Robert Bucknam, M.D.)
104- A Light in the Window (Jan Karon)
105- These High, Green Hills (Jan Karon)
106- Paul, the Letter Writer (Tim Hegg)
107- Bible Believers Archaeology (John Argubright)
108- The Wall (Ramon Bennett)
109- Haggadah
110- Introduction to Torah Living (Tim Hegg)
111- The search for Truth (2 Volume of Bible Believer’s Archaeology) John Argubright
112- Understanding Daniel (Elaine Ransom)
113- Foursquare Ministry Training Manual
114- The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed (Michael Rood)
115- Destinado a la Seguridad (small book for Baptist Publishing House)
116- One Way to Happiness (John McArthur)
117- Following God with all your heart (Elizabeth George)
118. The Jewish New Testament (Lederer)

* Met him personally in Tulsa, Oklahoma at his personal request.


3- 1. Rinocerontes y tapires (Rhinoceros and tapirs)
2. Los mustelidos (The mustelidae)
3. Montañas (Mountains)
4. Aves especialistas (Specialist birds)
5. Curso de Bricolage (Course of Bricolage)
6. Frutos y semillas (Fruits and seeds)
7. Miriapodos (Myriapodous)
8. Esponjas y corales (Sponges and Corals)
9. Lemures y tarseros (Lemurs and tarsers)
10. La evolución de las plantas (The evolution of plants)
11. Liebres (Hares)
12. Enfermedades infecciosas (Infectious diseases)
13. Psiquiatría (Psychiatry)
14. Enfermedades hereditarias (Hereditary diseases)
15. Destreza mental básica (Basic mental ability)
16. Trastornos alimenticios (Nutritional disorders)
17. Deportes y medicina deportiva (Sports and sports medicine)
18. SIDA y VIH (AIDS and HIV)
19. Pensamiento y creatividad (Thought and creativity)
20. Como se aprende a hablar (How we learn to talk)
21. La medicina complementaria (Complementary medicine)
22. Las etapas del aprendizaje (The stages of learning)
23. Los diversos tipos de personalidad (The different kinds of personalities)
24. Hombres de distintas razas (Men from different races)
25. Conocimiento e inteligencia (Knowledge and intelligence)
26. La familia (The family)
27. Melodrama y variedades (Drama and Vaudeville)
28. La Guerra Civil Americana (The American Civil War)
29. Tolstoy (Tolstoy)
30. El Japón Imperial (Imperial Japan)
31. Anglos y Sajones (Las invasiones) (Anglos and Saxons, The Invasions)
32. El comportamiento social (Social Behavior)
33. La adolescencia (Adolescence)
34. El auxilio social (The Welfare)
35. Pubertad (Puberty)
36. Las enfermedades de pulmón (Lung diseases)
37. Bach y la música barroca (Bach and baroque music)
38. España, una gran potencia (Spain, a great power)
39. El estres (Stress)
40. Sexualidad (Sexuality)
41. Fertilidad y reproduccion (Fertility and reproduction)
42. Salud y seguridad públicas (Health and public safety)
43. La época de Goethe (The times of Goethe)
44. Civilizaciones chinas (Chinese civilizations)
45. La música romántica (Romantic music)
46. Napoleon III (Napoleon III)
47. EE.UU.A., la superpotencia (The USA, a superpower)
48. La poesía del siglo XIX (Poetry in the 19th century)
49. Embarazo (Pregnancy)
50. Enfermedades de los huesos y las articulaciones (Bone and Joint diseases)
51. Diagnosis (Diagnosis)
52. Enfermedades de la piel (Skin diseases)
53. Dentro de la célula (Inside the cell)
54. Monos del mundo (Monkeys of the world)
55. Bosques de Coniferas (Coniferous forests)
56. Castores (Beavers)
57. Enfermedades reumáticas (Rheumatic diseases)
58. Trastornos de la sangre (Blood disorders)
59. El arte de ser padres (The art of parenting)
60. El envejecimiento (Old age)
61. Los comienzos del drama moderno (The beginnings of modern drama)
62. El mundo comunista (The Communist World)
63. Literatura infantil (Children’s literature)
64. Luis XIV (Louis Fifteenth)
65. La opera moderna (Modern opera)
66. Bismarck, Prusia y Alemania (Bismarck, Prussia and Germany)
67. Danza y Exhibición (Dance and exhibition)
68. La Novela Moderna (The Contemporary Novel)
69. La Era de la Reforma (The Reform Era)
70. La China del Siglo XX (China in the Twentieth Century)
71. La tensión sanguinea (Blood pressure)
72. La cirugia, aplicada a los transplantes (Surgery, applied to transplants)
73. La radiología (Radiology)
74. La ceguera (Blindness)
75. Trastornos musculares (Muscular disorders)
76. Lesiones en la cabeza (Head injuries)
77. Pruebas médicas (Medical tests)
78. Enfermedades del riñón y de la vejiga (Kidney and bladder diseases)
79. Asesoramiento (Counseling)
80. Enfermedades oculares (Eye diseases)
81. Neurocirugía (Neurosurgery)
82. Unguentos (Ointments)
83. Alergias (Allergies)
84. Tratamientos psicológicos (Psychological treatments)
85. Terapia del lenguaje y del habla (Language Therapy)
86. Quiropodia (Chiropody)
87. Ulceras estomacales y duodenales (Stomach and duodenal ulcers)
88. Saludables vacaciones (Healthy holidays)
89. Enfermedades tropicales y parasitarias (Tropical and parasitary diseases)
90. Medicina patentada (Patented medicine)
91. Enfermedades del Sistema Nervioso Central (Central Nervous Systems diseases)
92. Farmacia (Pharmacy)
93. Paralisis cerebral (Cerebral palsy)
94. Enfermedades intestinales (Intestinal diseases)
95. Acupuntura y reflexologia (Acupuncture and reflexology)
96. Las razas y las enfermedades (Races and diseases)
97. La cirugía ortopedica (Orthopedic surgery)
98. El diario de Ana Frank (Anne Franks Diary)
99. URSS: Crisis y Colapso (The USSR: Crisis and Collapse)
100. Conflicto Iran-Irak (The Iran-Iraq Conflict)
101. Tragedia (Tragedy)
102. Las técnicas de Alexander (Alexander’s Techniques)
103. Terapia Ocupacional (Occupational Therapy)
104. Tratamientos de Fertilidad (Fertility treatments)
105. La Sordera (Deafness)
106. La cirugía plástica (Plastic surgery)
107. Como afrontar el sufrimiento (How to face suffering)
108. La meditación y la relajación (Meditation and relaxation)
109. La ética médica (Medical ethics)
110. La microcirugía (Microsurgery)
111. La terapia hormonal (Hormonal therapy)
112. La Patología (Pathology)
113. La Rehabilitación (Rehabilitation)
114. Infecciones por hongos (Fungus infections)
115. Cuidados intensivos y de emergencia (Intensive and emergency treatments)
116. La Ciencia Ficción (Science fiction)
117. La Religión y el Mundo Actual (Religion and our present world)
118. Gabriel García Marquez (Gabriel García Marquez)
119. Los Conflictos Etnicos (Ethnical conflicts)
120. El masaje (Massage)
121. El dietista (The Nutritionist)
122. La fisioterapia (Physiotherapy)
123. Los cuidados paliativos (Palliative treatments)
124. Oftalmología (Ophthalmology)
125. Osteopatia y naturopatía (Osteopathy and naturopathy)
126. Los avances médicos (Medical advances)
127. La búsqueda de la paz (The search for peace)
128. La voz del cantante (The singers voice)
129. Canadá en crisis. (Canada in crisis)


Ms. Rhode Flores
26630 Santa Fe Dr. 24
Magnolia, Texas 77355-3816


"Eretz Israel Le'Am Yisrael"- "The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel"

Baruch Haba b'shem Adonai!

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of YHVH

If you are interested I can provide Bible related articles both in English & Spanish. Thank you, may the great God of our "am Yisrael" bless you, your family and ministry.
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