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Location:Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand
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To whom I may concern my name is Jenny. I am a student who is studying Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion at Massey University. I am a patient hard working and outgoing person who can work under pressure, and quickly pick up skills as different positions require. I am willingly to take care of other people, work well in a team and I can also work independently.
During university semesters I can work up to 20 hours, can be flexible, and I can take on full time position in any holidays and vacations. I would love take on a part time ongoing position, and I am able to work during Christmas.

Community volunteer:
Peer reading (2013)
I helped a 13 years old junior student who had problem to read, and to guide them in life decisions. With these responsibilities I learned how to gain trust and communicate to a younger partner. Also being a model for teenager and teach them how to solve problems from their prospective.
SOHS ART Week organization (2013 one off)
Help organized an art event in coalition with the art, music, and drama departments in South Otago High School. I learned how to take on leaderships based on my professional skills and knowledge at the same time to follow the instructions from other leaders.
SOHS Environment Group (2013)
This volunteer job was to help recycle rubbish and to remind people of the importance of keeping the environment clean in a small community. This meant in organizing events. I learnt quickly to adapt a different working environment and working style. With the role I asked, I learnt to take opinions and suggestions from other people and turn them into ideas.
Exchange student guide/volunteer (2013 part time)
Show the exchange students from other countries around, and take them to local student’s classes, to experience New Zealand’s lifestyle. From this job I learned to work and communicate with people from a different culture and country, basic hospitality skills and tourism skills.
Stage Challenge leader (2013 one off)
This job was being a leader of a part of the stage challenge show of South Otago High school. I learned to gain leadership and work under pressure also skills to chore small-scale group performance/dance.
Wellington Lux Festival (2015)
In this volunteer job I had a position for doing face painting with little kids and helped out a workshop event also making candyfloss. It has been amazing by not only seen all the lighting designs from artists and communities, but also been amazing helping and making it better as a volunteer.

Fashion related Volunteering:
Wellington Good Faith Spring Summer 2014/15 Fashion showcase (Sofia Aroha 2014)
This is a one off job for NZ designer Sofia Aroha`s fashion showcase. I worked as a backstage dresser/assistance. I helped out for dressing the models, organizing backstage setting, matching /fix and finishing touch part of the garments and shoes. As well as greeting customers and selling garments.
I learned to gain leadership from working in a stressful and time limited situation with people that I have never worked before, and worked this job with passion and professional quality.
CLARK DEAN Studio|DEAD COLLEGE BOYS|2015 summer collection (2015 casual)
This is a casual job for a formal Massey graduates Clark Dean man`s wear clothing line. I worked as a intern assistance which I helped out for a few of his garments as a cutter/pressing jobs and the collection photo shoot.
I have lifted up my skills of cutting garments layering pattern and gain better understanding of zero wasted fabric layering. Finding solutions fast when the condition changes.
SHOW Wellington fashion & interior textile design collaboration|Zambesi 35 years (2015 May)
This a volunteer position organized by SHOW Wellington 2015. I worked as a backstage dresser/ assistance with a team of volunteers from Massey University and NZ fashion polytechnic. It was a first time fashion collaboration event with fashion brands such as Trelise Cooper, HMS, Ziggurat, ManDatory etc. and with the final main show of Zambesi 35 years collection.
I have gained more communication skills while helping with customers. I have a better understanding of the processes the set up and the organisation for back stage in a big event.

Greenery Cafe door stand waitress (2013 February /part time)
I worked as a door stand waitress in a formal western restaurant. From this job I learned how to wait customers when they first come into the restaurant and seat them, also basic greeting and etiquette for formal restaurant.

Customer service:
Wellington city new world /customer service assistance (2014 September to April)
In this job I mainly worked at the checkout as a cashier, I also assisted and helped out customers with general requirements. I was also given permission to sale restrictive items to customers that is reached legal age.
In the position I learned to be patient with people and do not panic when there is a difficult situation. I learned how to use the right manner attitude and language also knowledge about food packaging to satisfied consumers.

Background information:
I have a multi culture background, moved to New Zealand 5 years ago, then decide to study fashion design at Massey University Wellington in 2014.
Before my two years of university studies I was trained in an outside school art school for a long period of time and have experienced wide range of art making, such as jewellery making, hard/soft material crafting, pottery, painting (acrylic, watercolour, gouache, traditional Chinese painting), drawing. I also enjoy playing piano and I have played piano in many formal occasions and opening events before.
I speak 4 languages including fluent English, Chinese-Mandarin and Chinese-Cantonese. I can understand but only speak a little bit of Japanese.

Computer skills: MS Excel
MS Word
After Effects
Languages: Chinese-Cantonese

South Otago High School Senior Prize giving classical solo piano performance 2013
South Otago High School International student of the year (trophy) 2013
South Otago High School Best art work of the year (trophy) 2013
South Otago High School R. Jaansen Scholarship Art (certificate, scholarship) 2013
South Otago High School Certificate of Community service -- Peer reading 2013
NCEA Art endorsement with excellence Level 2, 3
NCEA over all Merit endorsement 2013
N.Z. Modern School of Music Assn Classical Piano Own Choice – Open (3rd place certificate) September 2013
N.Z. Modern School of Music Assn Piano Duet Test – Open (4th place certificate) September 2013
Dean of International Students, Mr. John Douglas:
Mrs. Jo Jory:
Mr. John Sibley:
Namali Sura, check out customer service manager (Wellington city new world)
Cherie Wu, Massey Wellington Team Leader International Student Support +64 4 801 5799 ext 63622
Holly McQuillan, Senior lecturer, Nga Pae Mahutonga - The School of Design
+64 (0)4 801 5799 ext 63653
Nina Weaver, Senior tutor, Nga Pae Mahutonga - The School of Design
+64 (0)4 801 5799 ext 63649
Debbie Fish Volunteer Co-ordinator LUX Light Festival t. 027 240 2990 /e.

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