Nicholas McElmury

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Venice, California, United States
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- Classically trained in fine arts, including drawing, painting and sculpture.
- 8 years of experience creating 3D assets for film, commercials and AAA games.
- In-depth knowledge of multiple 3D packages, as well as a multitude of plug-ins.

Illustration; Figure Drawing; Character Concept Art; Environment Concept Art; Storyboarding; Sculpture.
3D Modeling; 3D Sculpting; 3D and 2D Texturing; Character Animation; Technical Animation; Fire/Smoke FX; Particle FX; Lighting; Rendering.
3D: Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya
Sculpture: ZBrush
Painting: ZBrush, Photoshop
FX: Thinking Particles, Fume FX, Realflow, SpeedTree Cinema
Rendering: VRay, Mental Ray, Final Render, Krakatoa, Keyshot
Compositing: Fusion, After Effects


MagicPictures Studio Inc. - Santa Monica, CA 3D Artist (2012-2015)

Created and assisted with everything from pre-vis animatics to final compositing for multiple commercials, films, and games. Gained experience working with fluids and FX, including Thinking Particles, Fume FX and Realflow.

Subaru - "The Battle" - Web Commercial - Featured at Siggraph Electronic Theatre 2013
Modeling, rigging and animation of vulture sequence. Dust effects from vehicle.

The Conjuring - Feature Film
Camera tracking, human tracking and set building for 2 effects sequences.

Adidas - "The Highest Goal" - Advertising Campaign - Cannes Lions 2013 winning entry
Soccerball modeling, animation and destruction FX. Animal sequence fire FX.

Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Anime Game
Character modeling, character animation and FX for about 60 sequences.

Two Scoops - Short Film
Creature modeling, rigging, animation and FX. Human tracking.

Ask This of Rikyu - Feature Film
Water and rain FX.


ACME Digital Content - Long Beach, CA 3D Artist (2008-2012)

Modeled and textured cars for several AAA racing games for XBox, Playstation and PC. Set up shader networks for in-game cars. Modeled and textured extremely high detail vehicles for Honda to be used in their commercial and print advertisements.

Project Cars - Cross-platform racing game
Modeled and textured interiors and exteriors of high resolution vehicles and accompanying LOD's.

Forza 3, 4 and Horizon - XBox racing games - Multiple awards, VGA Driving Game of the Year.
Modeled and textured interiors and exteriors of high resolution vehicles and accompanying LOD's. Set up shader networks for in-game cars and added attributes for in-game functionality and damage.

2K Drive - Mobile Racing Game
Modeled and textured low resolution interiors and exteriors of in-game cars.

Honda - Commercial and Print Advertising
Modeled and textured extremely high resolution vehicles for Honda's commercial and print advertising. Made high resolution renders in Keyshot.

Associate of Science, Computer Animation
Full Sail University, 2006
Salutatorian of graduating class
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3D Animation