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David V. Cole
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Professional Experience

391st Training Support Squadron USAF Civil Service
Vandenberg, AFB
Lompoc, CA
Astronautics Instructor GS-1712-11
Taught Jr. Air Force officers a short course in (“Space Mission Analysis and Design”) otherwise known as SMAD. Classification Top Secret. My area of expertise was teaching Orbital Mechanics. My Supervisor was Captain Erin Bradley 805-688-8291.
The level of instruction was on the post doc level.
I had to leave this position due to my wife’s illness in Arizona.

11/1988 – 11/1995
McDonnell Douglas Corp (now Boeing)
13100 Space Center Blvd
Houston, Texas 77058
Mr. Daryl Warner Supervisor
Senior Systems Engineer (secret clearance required)
I was assigned to the astronaut office at the Johnson Space Center Houston Texas. My primary duties were to conduct complex research of design development requirements and translate them into design criteria. Also test procedures for space station avionics systems. Duties included to conceptualize and define operational parameters of the electrical power & distribution system.
Responsibilities included identifying operational constraints and real time correctional procedures. I also developed documentation per NASA standards for implementation of system test solutions. I assisted NASA upper management in planning design approaches for space station avionics. Further, participated with the space station design team planning launch requirements for station payloads for assembly on orbit.
Integrated solutions with other engineering departments and gathered astronaut office. Inputs.
Was Also responsible for working on the development team writing the RFQ and RFP’s for the manufacture and sustaining engineering of the system . The RFQ/RFP’; included the specifications we developed to meet design requirements, SOW (statement of work), timeline for stage and project development, qualifications of personnel, material specifications, location of work, constraint identification , conflict resolution , identification of lead manager for each stage identified in the SOW., timeline for development and completion, weekly progress report from the project manager.

Further a complete cost breakdown by stage development per the program budget allocation. All documentation generated were reported to NASA upper management. This position required you to interface across all engineering disciplines on the NASA and prime contractor side requiring excellent communications skills.I reported at a weekly staff meeting to the chief astronaut providing updates to him and his staff on the design development progress. I also interfaced on a weekly basis with the NASA program management office in Washington, D. C.
Finally I participated in preliminary and critical design reviews traveling to the contractor and NASA headquarters. I worked as a member of the integration development team.

April 1982 to July 1986
Life Sciences Division, Krug International
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Biomedical Engineer Training Specialist Mission Control (secret clearance required)
Primary duties were to research and develop contingency plans for medical treatment of in-flight crews in shuttle, EVA and space station operations. Further requirements were to assist the flight surgeon in developing rescue operations also.

This required a strong background in Bio Astronautics. Developed classroom and simulation instructions for astronauts and support crews in EVA suit interface and data analysis.

Also responsible for developing and teaching procedures for ESA (European Space Agency) flight surgeons in mission control supporting shuttle inflight and EVA procedures.. .
. .
I interfaced very heavily with civilian officials in developing rescue procedures for contingency operations at Cape Kennedy (USAF Det 5). Conferred with and wrote procedures for health impact studies on the population in the event of a catastrophic failure in a shuttle launch.

Further, I developed a complete cost breakdown, DOD interface and responsibilities OIC (officer in charge) .

I was required to operate the biomedical console in mission control during all shuttle flights including EVA operations. Monitoring all biomedical suit parametes and reporting to the flight surgeon any and all anomolies. Also interfaced with flight director any system impacts affecting crew safety.

This required a through knowledge of on board systems.
My main area of responsibility was to monitor the “Environmental Control and Life Support System” for any and all impacts to the crew health and all EVA suit parameters for performance..

Sept 1978 to April 1982
Ford Aerospace & Communications
Johnson Space Center Houston Space Center

Flight Systems Training Instructor (secret clearance required)
Primary duties to instruct astronauts and support engineers in the in-flight operation of the Shuttle Electrical Power System and associated avionics. Instructions were taught in the one to one shuttle single systems trainer and in shuttle. Subjects included identification of all related instrumentation for nominal and of nominal operation. Astronauts were required to be thoroughly trained in the operation in the operation of the system in all flight phases including contingency operations and troubleshooting.
My responsibility was the electrical interface with all of the primary systems.

9/1995 -2/2000
Glendale Community College
6000 W. Olive Ave
Glendale, AZ 85302
Manny Griego, Dept Chair Electronic Technology
( Instructor)
My primary duties were to instruct 1st and 2nd year students in basic and advanced
Electronic theory and manufacturing technology of computer chips. I also taught troubleshooting procedures for analog and digital circuits, mathematics for electronics, visual basic programming and ISO procedures. Additional subjects were ISO 9000 procedures, some 6 sigma and QA 9000. I also participated in developing job placement strategies for graduating students.

7/1988 – 8/1995
Alvin Community College
3110 Mustang Rd
Alvin, Texas 77511
Dr. John Bethschieder, Dean of Ed
Department Chair, Electronic Technology, /
I was responsible for establishing a new curriculum for the electronic technology department. I was responsible for writing all RFP’s RFQ’s for any and all phases of electronic equipment. The primary concentration was on petrochemical technology.I coordinated and recruited outside petrol chemical plant managers as advisors for the new program never before offered at any community college in Texas. Instrumentation technology was designed by the advisory committee of managers I directed. Further, I obtained a grant request to the plant manager of Exxon for lab equipment for the college that was successful (1/2 million dollars worth) Further duties included writing advertisements for requiting new qualified instructors and support personnel for the department The implementation of this new curriculum was a success and enrolled over two hundred the first year and continues today with the same success.

2007 to 2008
Albuquerque Job Corps Center
1500 Indian School Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Dept. OA
Admissions Counselor/ Career Advisor/Unemployment Counselor
I was assigned to the workforce development office in Roswell, NM.
Duties were to maintain ongoing outreach throughout the state of New Mexico contacting veteran’s organizations for recently discharged vets, adult probation officials, prospective high school graduates and other community organizations. I interviewed with a cross section of the community Black, White, Hispanic, Native American too name a few. I achieved a high rate of success with all groups applying for benefits and placement in job training centers in state and out, to meet the needs of the applicants. Further duties included interfacing with directors of the training centers to facilitate and coordinate the proper training guidelines for the individual to succeed.
Age range for the applicants was from 14 to 26 with counseling provided for individuals over the age limit

BS Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas 1974
AAS Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas 1972
State of Arizona College Teachers Certification-Electronic Technology
State of Texas College Teachers Certification Vocational Electronics
USAF Instructor Certification/Certificate Vandenberg, AFB, CA 7/2005
Managing Multiple Projects- Johnson Space Center , Houston TX 1995
Effective Project Management Johnson Space Center , Houston TX 1995
Project Management Skills Johnson Space Center , Houston TX 1996
TQM Johnson Space Center , Houston TX 1992
Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Southern Methodist University 1992
Published in National Instruments In Academia 1996 edition

NASA Group Achievement Award, Shuttle Launch and landing
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Group Achievement Award, Shuttle Medical Operations

Captain Erin Bradley USAF, Vandenberg AFB, CA 805-688-8291.
Dr. Carol Johnson Gateway, Tech College, Kenosha, WI 414-656-6969
3. Manny Griego, Dept Chair Electronic Tech, Glendale College 623-845-3520
4. Dr. John Bethschieder, Dean of Ed 713-388-4803, Alvin Community College
Feel free to check with any of my past employers and references
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