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Freelance Comic Artist, Horror Artist, & More

Location:North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Been busy recently with some commissioned projects, but am just finishing up what turned out to be kind of a dream project and am looking for new work. As you can tell, I like horror comics and am largely doing this to live out my childhood dream of being an EC Comics / Warren artist. I only draw in my own original style without a formula and even ink my pencils on actual paper with real ink (which I then scan). Yes, I know that combination doesn't make me as popular as cookie cutter manga or generic superhero style illustrators, but I could care less.

For right now my prices are still cheap. $100 for a completed page line drawing and lettering included. That's near the bottom of the indie comic scale. And because colors are so important, I'll color my own work for free, if you like the way I handle that.