Anne Johnson

Freelance Proposal Writer & Business Developer

Location:Solon, Iowa, United States
Phone: 3196243866
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I am a business development and proposal management consultant, specializing in responding to request for proposals (RFPs) for K-12 educational assessment programs. I have 16 years of experience and have led over 20 proposals—from $1MM to $600MM in value. I help companies develop a comprehensive strategy for responding to an RFP, and provide content, writing, and editing expertise, all while managing the proposal process.

While at Pearson, I worked closely with other testing organizations to co-author proposals, and with state departments of education during the negotiation and implementation stages. Based on this experience, I am asked by testing organizations, state departments of education, and non-profit organizations to lead their proposal process and to provide proposal training.

I hold a Bachelor's degree and MBA. Since May 2016, I have been an independent Business Development and Proposal Management Consultant. Below is the job description for my previous position.

Led and successfully responded to multiple PARCC requests for proposals (RFPs), including managing multiple internal functional groups and subcontractors. Provided strategy and direction for:
-PARCC Assessment Development RFP ($20MM+)
-PARCC Assessment Administration RFP ($20MM+)
-PARCC Diagnostic Assessment RFP ($10MM)
-PARCC Technology Bundle RFP ($10MM)
-PARCC Operational RFP ($600MM+)
• Responsible for the implementation of the PARCC Operational Assessments with focus on business development, contracting, invoicing, public communications, and scope changes for 11 State Department of Education customers (~$150MM/year)
• Functional manager for six project management staff responsible for invoicing, scope changes, scheduling and risk management
• Primary point of contact for state testing directors at State Departments of Education.
• Developed, executed, and monitored validity research plan to inform evidence-based standard setting for the ADP Algebra II End-of-Course Exam—including schedule and budget
• Recruited two- and four-year colleges and state departments of education to participate in ADP Algebra I and II validity studies
• Responsible for managing the ADP Algebra I and II End-of-Course Exams, including budget, schedule, and scope
• Functional manager for the project management staff assigned to the ADP exams, who were responsible for monitoring the entire assessment process including item and test development, paper-based and online testing, scoring, reporting, and research and analysis.
• Primary point of contact for Achieve and the ADP Assessment Consortium
• Responsible for business development related to ADP program and Pearson’s broader high school reform strategy