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Cye Wright

Freelance Portrait Artist & Horror Artist

Location:Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
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Freelance Digital Artist, Artist.

Hi, my name Cye, and to many Cyeclops, self taught artist living in Brisbane, from pencil portraits to digital fantasy, sprite sheeting to vector graphics, airbrushing to screen printing.
Looking to be a part of the gaming industry, character / creature design, willing to volunteer for experience / credit, preferably alongside an art director and/or finishing artist, wanting to evolve my UI and 3D knowledge. Ultimately looking to cover every aspect to the gaming industry, from start to finish.
Have helped with online Flash game productions, MMORPG doing sprite sheets, 8x8 to 32x32 pixels, and how to implement newly created sprites, loading screen art, and also learnt basic knowledge of the AS3 / AVM2 byte code language.
Sign industry skills in vector graphics and design, logo designs, brochures, reproduction of lost logo files. *CorelDraw < no longer supports Mac OS?
Photoshop CS6 with Intuos 3 tablet for all my digital painting needs.
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Portrait Art
Horror Art