mohammedseid Salih

Freelance Database Designer & Accounting System Freelancer

Location:Addis Abeba, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: 251-911-623080
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I put myself as a multi-disciplinary professional and MS-Access VBA experienced programmer. I have more than 10 years of continuous experience with programming in MS-Access VBA . Initially I started my career as accounting professional and added management as my second profession and finally joined the field of information science. I was not only a graduate in the three disciplines but also a practitioner in all the three fields passing through various fast and progressive office positions ranging from clerical to higher management positions and then to university lecturer position and finally opened small consultancy firms by the name M.S.S. Consult and M.S.S. Authorized Accountant and provided several successful I.T. and business related solutions to various clients. Details are given in the annexes.

1. In the accounting area, I started my career as a junior accountant then grew to senior accountant, then grew to Deputy Finance officer and finally grew to Head of Finance and Budget in manufacturing, government, NGO and academic organizations.
2. In the management area I worked as Administration and Finance Manager
3. In the Information System area, I worked as information technology supervisor
4. When I earned my MSc in Information Science, I joined a University to teach various IT, accounting and management courses and have worked for about 10 years in academics. Some of the IT courses I taught include Database Management Systems both introductory and advanced levels, C++ Programming, VBA and VB6 programming, Data Structures, Systems Analysis & Design, Decision Support Systems and E-commerce. The taught accounting courses include Principles of Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting. The taught management courses include Human Resource Management, Materials Management, Organization and Management, etc. The details are given in my CV. I am still working in the academics.
5. With the wealth of hi-breed knowledge and skills, I also served as an application developer/IT consultant to more than 20 client organizations that include Shoe Manufacturing companies, merchandising businesses, Transit Service agencies, private schools, colleges, drug distribution agencies, hospitals, Peace-building organization, etc. See annex for scans of written client-testimonies
The hi-breed business and IT profession helped me develop applications independently, not requiring much reliance on users to understand their needs. You wonder, in many cases it is me who tell users what they require for which they totally agree and appreciate to my ideas. It also helped me to act as a system analyst, as database developer and as a programmer and develop applications independently of other IT professionals.

Among the notable applications I developed and implemented to my clients are a payroll application for a shoe factory (Payroll-TASSC.mdb), Customer Ranking System (CRS.mdb) for a transit company, Fixed Asset Management System for a forestry college and for a transit company (Fixed Asset Management.mdb). I can send these database files for your evaluation. I developed the applications

My inner feelings for creativity and achievement are still hot. I am able to work about 18 hours a day and even more. In short, I don’t get sleep if a programming problem at hand is not solved.

Finally I feel I am the best fit to positions like VBA programming, teaching, database development, systems analysis and design, accountancy, etc., and even more and am willing to serve with utmost creativity, decency, dedication and professionalism to the best of employer’s interest.

Sincerely Yours

Mohammedseid Salih
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia