Paul Hughes

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:Brandon, Florida, United States
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I believe life is generally made up of movie scripts, song lyrics, and the occasional Jerry Springer episode.

I retired from the United States Air Force in 1996. I had a very good career and served proudly, and am a big supporter of the military. I lean Conservative, but vote independent, and believe in limited government, individual rights, capitalism and a big military so I have little confidence in the future of our country as we know it if things continue the way they are.

I have seen much of the world. Lived in Germany twice for 3 years at a time. Given the choice and the resources, I would live in Germany for part of the year. Having lived there and absorbing the culture, I feel myself drawn back, although it's not practical these days...way too expensive. Saw most of Europe while there. The best part about living out of the country is how much you appreciate what we have and unfortunately, have taken for granted.

I have 2 grown kids, one of each, and 6 grandchildren...yes, I got an early start. My son followed in his old man's footsteps and is in the Air Force himself now, currently living with his wife and 2 kids in Hill AFB, Utah. My daughter lives in Byron, GA.

I can cook a good meal, wash and iron my own clothes, change the oil, build a deck, scrub a toilet, hem my own pants, make a bed, make an awesome rack of baby back ribs, cook flawless rice, make gravy and bait my own fish hook. I know when to use there vs. their vs. they're, lie vs. lay, sit vs. set, your vs. you're, and whom vs. who.
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