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Vincent M Raja

Freelance Book Illustrator, Comic Artist, & More

Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
12 Skills
A highly experienced Artist/Art Director who has worked with international publishing houses, with a special interest towards children's publications and comics.

Things I can do:
- Illustrate any kind of stories: funny, serious, abstract, kids', scientific and business articles.
- Design/redesign newspapers and magazines.
- Specialize in children's journals with flexible designs - giving more importance to color and visual balance.
- Create/Illustrate comic strips/Graphic novels - for adults and children.
- Create puzzles and other activities for kids' pages.
- DIY paper models for children
- Maps
- Do creative layouts for any type of pages in short notice.
- Can give suggestions to photographers to shoot photos that will go with the planned layout.

I am good at hand drawing, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I am a fast worker, and also capable of illustrating in different styles, to suit different genres and different readerships.

Giving more importance to Client satisfaction and work appreciation above payment, which of course is the next important thing too!