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Lori Draft

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"I am going through your wonderful, careful edits. YOU are exactly who I have been looking for! ... I am so very, very grateful. I feel so fortunate to have had you on this with me! ... I've been singing your praises nonstop." ~Fawn Germer, bestselling Oprah-endorsed author and inspirational leadership speaker

“You know what I love about you? It's like we have this synergy or something. I'll write it, and you know exactly how to improve it and still keep my tone and pace. Not every editor can do that. I also like that you tighten the work rather than lengthen it. I love that.” ~M. Kimbrough

"I just got another invitation into another set of NY Times book collections ... most importantly, it's the evidence of your wonderful editing work. YOU are very IMPORTANT to me in this journey. Thank you!"

"We are a GREAT team!! I'm reading the story (along with my betas) and I'm LOVING IT. Your fixes just make it such smooth reading. You have a client for life!! Please don't retire any time soon."

“I found Lori to be extremely good at her craft, making appropriate suggestions in the text where needed and being mindful of the text and content as well as grammar and punctuation... Simply a fantastic and professional result!”

“[Lori's] ability with grammar is amazing, especially when working with someone like me who is a storyteller not a technical writer. She is dedicated and works with the author to create a polished piece of work."

Finding your first editor or a new editor can be scary…

You have a book manuscript or an e-book you need line edited. Or maybe some website content that needs copy editing.

Maybe you’re a new author and have never worked with an editor before.

Or you’re a seasoned writer and need a re-edit due to a previous bad editing experience.

Yes, finding a good editor can be daunting …

• You want your readers to have a good experience with your book.

• You want your content to be error-free.

• You want your Amazon reviews to praise your excellent content rather than focus on grammar and spelling mistakes, poor sentence structure, repetition, or inconsistencies in your storyline.

• You need someone who can really focus on the details, cohesiveness, and flow of your book.

• You want an editor who’s responsive and focuses on YOUR writing and YOUR needs and keeps YOUR voice…and one who doesn’t disappear immediately after the initial edit.

You have invested a lot of time and energy into your book — it should be treated reverently, and it should SHINE!

One last thing…

This is my career. I keep very busy and can’t accommodate clients who want a bargain or a “rush” edit. I take my work very seriously and don’t believe a good edit can or should be rushed. If you’re looking for someone to edit 100,000 words in 5 days for a bargain-basement price, I’m not your editor!

But if you're a writer looking for a quality edit, feel free to contact me, and I'll do my best to get back to you right away.

Thanks much,

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