Dr Rebecca Stone

Freelance Mergers & Acquisitions Freelancer & Sales Presenter

Location:St Petersburg, Florida, United States
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-stone/1b/4a9/840
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Dr Rebecca Stone has a background in M&A, business development, marketing, and sales. She has three graduate degrees and is a published author. Her background includes business acquisitions, online business creation, branding, website blogs, article writing, and corporate business start-ups.

Hourly rates can be $36 to $75. Rate depend on the nature of the work and scope.

Start-up business creation may include acquisition, domain selection, hosting, cloud backup, websites, blogs, business plans, site selection, incorporation, DBAs, federal tax numbers, contracts, social media, product selection, payment methods, LOGOs, business cards, and online advertising. Visit her Linkedin Profile at https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-stone/1b/4a9/840 and www.about.me/rebecca_stone.

Her books can be found at AMAZON.com.

Quantum Brain Healing is a 263 page neuroscience blended medicine book.
ISBN 978-0615498218

Horny Goat Weed, the Magic Chinese Herb is a Kindle book about stems cells, herbs, and Horny Goat Weed.
ASIN B013TOOQFI and ISBN 978098507214.
This herb is the best anti-aging herb and has been used to treat paralysis.

The New Drone Juggernaut is a 243 page Kindle book about drones.
ISBN 9870985047269
This book delivers the latest technology hardware and software features to help you understand the role of drones in the industrial and commercial world. Drones are unmanned robotic vehicles which can enhance everyday life. See NOAA drones in action and their role in protecting your world. Will drones transform the path of natural disaster management? Amber Alerts and silver alerts will be solved with drones.

You can contact her email at rstone11111@yahoo.com