Freelance Commercial Photographer & Nature Photographer

Location:La Baie, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
Professional freelance photographer for hire!! My areas of preference: landscapes, nature (mostly floral), buildings (old, new, etc), cats, cities and towns. If asked, I will do wedding portraits. I do little to no editing with my pictures. I want people to see the true beauty I capture. I will, however, do some editing, on the off chance that there are distractions in any of my pictures that will take away from what I'm going for.

We will work together. YOU let me know what you want me to capture. We'll look at what I've taken and you pick the best ones that cater to your needs.

I do colour and black and white with my Rebel T3 Canon.

Feel free to give me any and all constructive feedback. It's a never ending learning process. All comments I take to heart so that I can become better at my craft.

Hope to hear from you soon!!