Sharon LeAnne Miller

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Fantasy Artist

Location:United States
2 Skills
I am a "jill-of-most-trades" ( musician, singer, creative writer, article and college essay writer, and a Traditional (drawn by hand) creative artist. And I am offering my creative skills and talents to offer you the very best efforts no matter the job. A 'pencil to paper' concept artist, my personal style leans towards looking like finished characters and animals one would find in a comics style of illustration. My artistic works can be viewed at . And although I create a variety of subjects within my art works, my strongest subjects include animals, (horses and other equine animals), and also my fantastical dragons (and mythological creatures). I have also created tattoo designs as well as having had done some original concept artwork for a gentleman in U.K. for a table top role playing game he and a group of his friends were creating; as a partial perk to the payments I was offered, My name as an artist will appear in the credits of the final published game module.
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Animal Illustration
Fantasy Art