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Trevor Pennels

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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I am a university graduate (B Sc), resident in South Africa, and spent the largest portion ( 20 years) of my working life in the financial services industry. I gave that up in 2008, did the Cambridge University (CELTA) course in teaching English to foreign language speakers, and then spent a year (2009) at a language college in Maputo, Mozambique, teaching English to Portuguese speakers. Since then I've been occupied with setting up a business on the internet as well as an ongoing project in the greening environment. Both of these have yet to start delivering an adequate income, which is why I am offering my services in this forum.
Although not formally trained, I have strong skills as a writer - or so I've been told by numerous business colleagues and friends. Over the last two years I did a lot of what's termed sentence re-writing for an internet-based business. I was initially selected by this business to join their pool of freelance writers based on the quality of my submission of a trial re-writing task. Unfortunately the work (and the income from it) is sporadic, so I cut back on my participation about a year ago and started teaching English over the internet to mainly French speakers - but I have just resigned in order to take a break from the regimentation for a while. I would prefer work which encompasses editing/proofreading and the correction of existing pieces of writing, with the focus on structure, grammar and spelling. These three, in my view, must be correctly done in order for any written communication to be comprehensible to the reader, in a clear, unambiguous manner. This is paramount if the communication is from a business concern, so that no doubt is introduced as to the absolute professionalism and capability of the business,
And the asking rate? Well, because I'm new and without references, I've set it at $5 per hour.
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