Ronald Brandon Wray

Freelance Poster Designer & Photo Editor

Location:Blue Island, Illinois, United States
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Ronald B. Wray
3831 N Whipple
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Middle School High School
Grover Cleveland Elementry-1997-2004
Sauganash Elementry-2005-2008
CICS NorthTown Academey-2008-2012

I went to two middle schools in the past eight years .I transferred in 2004 from Grover Cleveland Elementary, which was my first middle school experience. Then in 2004 I transferred over to Sauganash Elementary and went there from 2005 to 2008 .At my time at sauganash I played for my schools basketball team and softball team in 2007 .In 2008 I graduated from Sauganash and I’m currently in my third year of high school at CICS NorthTown Academy Charter School .I will be graduating high school in 2012 and I’m looking forward to attend college or a University.
Helping staff at Chicago Park District Chicago Illinois
Service Hours
Currently I have been helping out with teaching kids ages 3 to 10 on how to ice skate and play hockey. Ever since 2007 I have been knowing people and teaching with help of the Chicago Park District Staff and Community. I’ve also helped out with spotlights in the ice show for two years. I’ve made kids learn the true value on how to become a better athlete and teach them the important basics of hockey.
Computer Designer Chicago Illinois
Spear Time 2008-present
I also do computer design and have made some artistic banners and pictures .I’m currently trying to apply for Devry University where I want to do computer arts and designing. People are amazed on what I can make and they like what I design .I started designing at the end of 8th grade coming into my first year of high school.
Additional Activities
Mayer Dailey’s silver skates-2005 to present
Joined Middle schools basketball team-2007
Joined Middle schools softball team-2007
Chicago Jets Hockey Club-2007-2008
Evanston Hockey Club (High School Team)-2009
Mc Fetridge hockey Club-2010-present
Worked at McFetridges pro shop (Da Ice Box) 2009-2010
Give blood-2009-2010
Started designing pictures and making my own designs at the age of 15 and 16
I design pictures and other designs for my Friends and family and they like my designs.
I have my own facebook page called wray Dezigns and that’s where I do some of my pictures for
I love to design Chicago sports teams as well as the skyline.
I love the city of Chicago and I’m always willing to design whatever it is for companies or just for my friends and family I love to design whatever it might be.
I also love the Chicago police and fire department and honoring the people who serve and protect our city I like to incorporate them in my designs as well
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Poster Design
Photo Editing