Jarrett Goldstein

Freelance SEO Freelancer & Press Release Writer

Location:San Diego, California, United States
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4667 Long Branch Ave. | San Diego, CA 92107 | (860) 748-5465 | jarrett.goldstein@gmail.com

LocalVox ? New York, NY May 2015-Present
An online marketing company that specializes in connecting small businesses to a wider customer base.
Freelance Writer
• Write SEO copy for a broad range of clients accentuating characteristics of the company to drive internet sales
• Research each client and its competition in order to highlight their strengths as a company

Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC ? East Granby, CT September 2013-June 2015
This privately held $3.5mm company is the industry leader in manufacturing innovative products and providing superior customer service to government agencies and wildlife control professionals.
Director /Head of Marketing and Design
• Created all product descriptions for products the company introduces to the market for use on the company’s website and catalog
• Wrote or edited all email marketing campaigns to current clients informing them about new promotions and products
• Composed all email newsletters designed to promote awareness on upcoming seasonal shifts in the industry
• Produced or edited copy for brochures to be distributed with orders and displayed at national trade shows
• Edited all existing product descriptions on a sister web store our company purchased from a competitor
• Fact checked all product descriptions for a sister web store to ensure accuracy
• Drafted all product descriptions for new products on a sister web store to be displayed on the company’s website
• Wrote or edited instructional material for products to be included with orders and listed on the company’s website
• Edited and fact checked the existing Operations Manual for the entire company
• Wrote the guidelines for new procedures to update the company’s Operations Manual
• Drafted and design banner & button ads for use on websites that current and potential clients will frequent
• Managed all operations for web store including maintenance of the website, inventory levels, product ideas, and order fulfillment
• Supervised interactions between customer service & warehouse staff
Front Office Manager
• Transcribed or edited all of the company’s print advertisements and press releases for use in national publications
• Identify and research potential new products for the industry and determine if they fit the company’s catalog
• Spearheaded new policy, training, and procedure to promote growth and remain the leaders in the industry
• Managed all front office staff and operations responsible for $3.5 million in revenue
Customer Service Representative
• Oversaw all high value clients & international customers, and provided technical support when needed
• Perpetually assumed new responsibilities as the company evolved to maintain and encourage growth
• Conducted research on clients to determine their current need of supplies, and predict potential areas for demand

West Chester University ? West Chester, PA
College Literature, Editor’s Assistant
• Proofread and copy edited manuscripts using the Chicago Manual Style prior to publication
• Fact checked all references in manuscripts for accuracy in citation and faithfulness to the reference’s statements
• Solicited, reviewed, and edited manuscripts from scholars writing on fields pertinent to the journal
• Researched scholars nationwide to find referees in specific areas of study
• Communicated with printing presses concerning the publication of recently printed books

West Chester University ? West Chester, PA
English Department, Research Assistant
• Reviewed and solicited manuscripts for a scholarly book on Homer in the 21st Century
• Researched and compiled a list of every source published on Homer since 2000
• Prepared Homer bibliography that was published in the book Reading Homer: Film & Text
• Researched and compiled a bibliography of sources published since 2000 on Aeschylus’s Oresteia

West Chester University ? West Chester, PA
Master of Arts in English, May 2008
Eastern Connecticut State University ? Willimantic, CT
Bachelor of Arts in English, December 2005
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, December 2005
Minor: Philosophy
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Press Release Writing