Jeremy Gilder

Freelance Business Plan Writer & Grant Writer

Location:Main Beach, Queensland, Australia
Phone: 61755015288
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I have had 32 years of wide-ranging commercial experience, generally involving writing in some form or another, including: writing documentation for successful mergers and acquisitions; writing successful applications for clean energy grant funding (100% success rate - $9million approved); submissions to international governments for new product importation and sales; scientific trial reporting; research and development; high level corporate correspondence and documentation; business consultancy; writing sales training manuals, writing product marketing literature.
I can be helpful to men and women seeking assistance in preparing a business plan or fund raising proposal; creating marketing material for new concepts; requiring constructive editing of documents and so on. I am a one-project-at-a-time man as I tend to immerse myself totally in the business at hand and do not have a rote-format approach to what I do. I tend to treat each project as if it were my own and derive great satisfaction from successes achieved.
I have lived and worked extensively in Australia and overseas including in London and in SE Asia.
I am a graduate of University of New England (Dux Honours Farm Management) and won a Commonwealth Scholarship to Sydney University where I studied but did not complete Arts-Law. I am fit and active having been in Australia's Olympic Athletics squad and All Schools 400m champion in my younger days. I jog and swim daily and windsurf when the wind is up.
I have written two books and two volumes of short stories and am married with 5 sons and 2 grandsons.