Amged Baker

Freelance Database Programmer & Windows Programmer

Location:Jupiter, Florida, United States
2 Skills
? 11 years in the IT Industry as a Technical Support Analyst and Software Developer
? 8 years of object oriented programming in Visual Basic.Net/ C#, ASP.Net programming for web and Windows application development in .NET 2/3/3.5/4/4.5
? 8 year of T-SQL database programming of Stored Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, Views
? 8 years of data analytics,compliance and Unit, Integration and regression testing
? 7 years of PL/SQL database programming of Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, Views
? 6 years of managing multiple technical individuals in support/development environments
? 2 years of developing Web solutions in MVC 3/4 / Web API and WPF/XAML
? 2 years of developing Web applications Classic ASP and VBScript
? 2 years of developing SSIS Packages for ETL tasks and SSRS Reports
? 1 year of development of change and document management system in SharePoint 2010
? 1 year of research and development, Proof of concepts, prototyping in .Net
? 1 year of managing IT operations of data services group in production environment

Master of Business Administration 03/2009
American InterContinental University Weston, FL
? Concentration in: Project Management

Bachelor of Information Technology – with Honors 09/2007
American InterContinental University Weston, FL
? Concentration in: Computer Information Systems

Technical Skills
? Platforms: MS Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/ 7/ 8, Server 2003/2008, 2012, Knoppix, Fedora 5
? Software: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio 03/05/08/10/12/13, MS Visual Web Developer 10, Oracle SQL Developer, Crystal Reports, TOAD, Automate 6/7, MS SharePoint, MS Expression Studio 4, VMWare(VSphere), Xamarin Studio, Eclipse (Android), WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Log Parser, NuGet,
? Databases: MS SQL Server 00/05/08 R2/ 2012, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 11gR2
? Source Control: VisualSVN (Subversion), TortoiseSVN client, MS Visual Source Safe 05, MS Team Foundation Server 10/11/12
? Languages: HTML5, VB.Net, C# 4.5, ADO.NET, Classic ASP, VBScript, ASP.Net 2.0/ 3.5/ 4.0/ 4.5, XAML, Ajax, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, AML, CSS 2.1/3.0
? Frameworks, Models, Features, Security: MVC 3-5, MVVM (Presentation Model),WCF(SOAP), WPF, ASP.NET 2/3/3.5/4/4.5 Web API (REST), SSIS, Entity Framework, SFTP/SSH, TLS/SSL 3.0, SSL 2.0, TLS, PGP, GPG (asymmetric cryptography)
? Standards/Compliance: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Open Data Protocol(OData), Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)

Professional Experience
Senior Web Application Developer 10/2014 to Present
RatePlug LLC Boca Raton, FL
? Coordinated design, data and requirements gathering phases of Software Development Projects
? Migrated Web applications from Classic ASP/VBScript to MVC 4/ Webforms 4.5 and VB.Net
? Developed Windows in .Net 4.5 for real time ETL/Data file Processing
? Developed Restful web services in .Net 4.5 using Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Web API
? Optimization and normalization of MS SQL Server 2012 Database
? Implemented MS Team Foundation Server 2012 as version control and repository
? Trained Developers on usage of TFS 12 in Visual Studio 12 and Task.Issue Tracker

Senior Distributed Applications Developer 07/2012 to 12/2014
Commonwealth-Altadis Inc. Ft Lauderdale, FL
? Converted business requirements to technical specifications and functional enterprise systems
? Developed customer rebate and promotional payment generation portal in 4.5 and C# providing integration of CRM, ERP, and third party Trade dimensions data sources in Oracle 11gR2 with Oracle based Sessions, Membership, Roles (ODP.Net, ASP.Net for Oracle)
? Developed Web API Restful web services to provide interface to ERP data required by point of sale vendor, Warehouse Management Services provider and Siebel CRM
? Developed ASP.Net MVC 3 web application to manage product images and post to point of sale vendor’s Restful web service
? Upgraded internal facing product web ordering system from classic ASP and VB to ASP.Net MVC 3 /C#
? PL/SQL development for XML based, user based central navigation, Active directory and features (e.g. membership, roles, session state) integration, Financial\legal digital document import ,management and storage integration utilizing Oracle 11g R2 DBMS packages (e.g. DBMB LDAP, DBMS XMLGEN, DBMS LOB)
? Architected process to facilitate data flow from ERP system to external parties via ERP process flow component triggered, WCF SOAP web service and MVC 3 web administration module
? Created SQL Server based security model for application access based on membership, Roles Providers and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) queries to integrate Active Directory users and security with web application authentication, access and authorization
? Migrated security model from MS SQL Server 2012 to Oracle 11g R2
? Developed Digital Product Catalog and Pricelist with multi format document generator for data export including custom PDF generator powered by iTextSharp Open Source library
? Installed and administered Team Foundation Server 2012 and mentored developers on usage and best practices

Senior Web Application Developer - Contract 03/2012 to 07/2012
Merchant Services Ltd Miami Beach, FL
? Coordinated design, data and requirements gathering phases in Software Development Projects
? Developed online financial transaction broker web application in Web Forms and C# with components including AJAX, JavaScript
? Configured Content Management System (CMS) by Dotnet-Nuke and integrated online financial transaction broker web application as module for scalability and maintainability of web system
? Created normalized relational database in MS SQL Serve r2008 R2 with Stored Procedures and scheduled Jobs for data processing and reporting automation
? Developed Scheduled Windows/web Services to integrate with multiple Shipping provider web services for retrieving real time shipping status information and updating shipping/tracking data accordingly
? Managed Designer and Web Master for development of online financial transaction broker
? Developed Accounts payable CRM and Administrative reporting web application in ASP.Net Web Forms with PDF storage database for

Web Application Developer 10/2011 to 02/2012
The Credit Society Coral Gables, FL
? Developed web applications in and with JavaScript client functionality, .net Enterprise Library features and classes consuming (SOAP) Web Service
? Designed and implemented Ecommerce web system which comprised of Web Portal, referral engine, ID verification and payment gateway for payment processing, Online Store, SMTP Email interface and Intranet based CRM
? Created Tables, Stored Procedures and various queries in T-SQL
? Developed and maintained database in MS SQL Server 2008 R2
? Implemented and maintained VisualSVN repository and source control integration into Visual Studio using TortoiseSVN for Development team

Business Analyst/ Database Developer– Consultant 08/2011 to 10/2011
EBSTECH Inc Khartoum, Sudan
? Developed business plan for organization to complete SDN central commercial database initiative
? Completed registration and certification of organization with required Sudanese ministries to begin operations and gain licensing and funding
? Developed Entity Relationship Diagram for MS SQL SDN central commercial database
? Created SDN central commercial database in MS SQL Server 2008
? Gathered requirements from local resources to begin development of data acquisition teams
? Developed daily policies and procedures for data acquisition team
? Instructed data acquisition team members in data requirements and data entry for MS SQL Server 08

Web Application Developer 03/2011 to 08/2011
CapOne Solutions Hollywood, FL
? Developed ecommerce (product based Corporate and offer page) websites in VB.Net and ASP.Net HTML, JavaScript, CSS
? Converted html pages into and added functionality of controls using VB.Net.
? Developed Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for ecommerce business using Asp.Net/Ajax and VB.Net
? Integrated WordPress 3.1 blogging tool and CMS into websites
? Created file parser to process/validate records as part of coupon redemption system
? Supervised/ assisted designers in web application development, databases and general and other internet technologies.
? Gathered requirements from marketing campaign managers to determine new website requirements and added product details information in SQL Server database
? Developed organizational policies and procedures for development and launch of offer pages and ecommerce corporate websites.
? Analyzed, troubleshot and resolved ecommerce websites problems in design/ functionality, payment/order processing and other irregularities
? Supported and troubleshot third party applications in, C# and jquery

Senior Business Analyst - Consultant 02/2011 to 03/2011 Think Tech Labs Miami Beach, FL

? Developed leads into prospects via CRM app demos and discussions
? Gathered business requirements for customization of CRM apps
? Modified CRM app based on requirements documentation
? Develop reports by analyzing and reconstructing existing exported report

Web Application Developer/Database Developer - Contract 09/2010 to 01/2011 ViroPlex Media Hollywood, FL
? Developed Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for ecommerce business using Asp.Net/Ajax and C#
? Developed windows form application to manage and organize incomplete order information into leads for sales team
? Cloned features and functionality of an existing CRM via front end usability into new CRM using Asp.Net/Ajax and C#
? Created tables, stored procedures, functions, views, jobs, SSIS packages, monitored performance and modified DB objects as needed, in MS SQL Server 2008 to support CRM functionality
? Provided support and data analytics to business entities for CRM billing and sales data and reports
? Documented CRM Functionality and business rules and created user manual and user security and account procedures guide.

GIS consultant/programmer - Contract 04/2010 to 07/2010 EBSTECH Inc. Ft Lauderdale, FL
? Created project plan for the implementation of a GIS system for perspective client
? Documented technical analysis describing the functionalities and benefits of the existence of a GIS system in the locations identified by prospective client
? Performed operations of ESRI’s ArcGis Desktop and ArcGis Server systems and all related hardware and software
? Developed web mapping applications in MS Silverlight, using ArcGis Server for perspective client demonstrations
? Performed maintenance, testing, modification, and support of applications provided by ESRI
? Performed Software Development Life Cycle processes including requirements gathering, analysis, design, release control and software development process improvement

Data Services Supervisor/ Programmer/Analyst 11/2007 to 03/2010 Social Service Coordinators, Inc. Miami Lakes, FL
? VB.NET/ C# programming using Visual Studio 05/08 web applications
? VB.NET/ C# programming using Visual Studio 05/08 windows applications
? ASP.Net 2.0 programming in Visual Studio 2005 for development of web applications
? Transact-SQL Database programming for creation and maintenance of views, complex select statements , stored procedures, and functions
? PL/SQL Database programming for creation and maintenance of complex select statements, stored procedures, functions, views, and triggers
? Developed file parsers triggered by windows service as part of a complex data processing system
? Extracted, transformed, cleansed, and loaded (ETL) data from local/external ftp servers
? Provided exploratory and confirmatory data analysis to corporate staff for all warehoused data
? Developed and maintained IT operations policies and procedures for data services group for new hire training and audit compliance purposes
? Developed and maintained task lists, standard operating procedures, and instruction manuals for data services software applications
? Acted as leading technical IT liaison to all non-IT corporate staff and external corporate clients
? Created business and system use cases which included UML diagrams for newly developed production support applications
? Coordinated team deliverables, implemented and utilized project management tools including Gantt charts, WBS, RAM, Milestone charts, and modified control forms to insure quality and timely completion of tasks in project life cycle
? Performed maintenance, testing, modification, and support of production applications and procedures
? Performed administration/maintenance tasks on all production support servers
? Gathered requirements with business analysts and project managers to develop and modify software systems