Sam Brett

Freelance Landscape Painter & Drawer

Location:Armadale, Victoria, Australia
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RÉSUMÉ- Samuel Joseph Brett

Contact Details
Mobile: 0466 604 978 | Email:
66 Fulton Road, Mt Eliza 3930

Employment History
KFC / McDonalds
I have been employed as a casual at KFC for over 2 years. This job entails general customer service, working the register, extensive product knowledge, and teamwork. I played a similar role at McDonalds. Both KFC and McDonalds have helped me earn an honest and genuine work ethic as well as develop interests and skills in areas previously out of my comfort zone.

Ronald John Neal
Creatives teacher at Mt Eliza Secondary College
Mobile: 0405 453 260 | Email:

Sue Holderness Visual Arts teacher at Mt Eliza Secondary College 0400 057 165
Paula HarrisEnglish teacher at Mt Eliza Secondary College

Mt Eliza North Primary 2001 - 2008
Mt Eliza Secondary College 2009- 2013
My study interests during my secondary education included Mathematics, Physical Education and Arts.
Chisholm TAFE 2014- current
I endeavoured to further my studies and pursue my passion for art and received my diploma in visual arts.
Academic Awards in mathematics and english (2009 & 2010)
Ron Barron Aqusitive Award in VCE art (2013)
Second prize in Student Archibald (2013)
Steady progression through Kung Fu belt colours and skill level. (Ongoing)

Skills and Qualities
• Friendly
• Enthusiastic and motivated
• Developed customer service skills
• Register training
• Hard working

Hobbies and Interests
• Kung Fu
• Boxing
• Painting/drawing
• Learning new things
• Keeping up with current affairs

Volunteering Experiences
Boxing tutoring
This was a very rewarding experience where I had the opportunity to tutor young kids in the fundamental basics of boxing. It required a lot of attention and preparation to cater for individual learning paces and abilities.
Skills (2) Rating
Landscape Painting