Hawa Tandia

Freelance Public Relation Freelancer & Technical Writer

Location:Catonsville, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
Professional Objective:
• Apply my experiences to the development of systems, implementation of policies and interventions in the field of human services
Summary of Qualifications:
• Educational and practical experience in the fields of healthcare administration, and regulatory compliance
• Multiple years of experience in enrollment and student services
• Background in quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis
• Efficient and effective technical writer with experience in information systems: compiling, analyzing and reporting data
• Critical thinker with an ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks
Leadership Experience:
• Member of American Health Information Management Association(AHIMA) Organization
• Served as a Peer Health Advocate- created community oriented learning opportunities, first year experiences and service based public health programming in an effort to provide clinical support for the UMBC community through the Campus Health Services
• Member of the Global Service Student Ambassadors Program, funded by the Eisenhower Foundation
• Honoree of Bank of America Leadership Program
• Elected to serve as a Senator on behalf of the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services for The Community College of Baltimore County
• Member of Women in Maryland Higher Education(WIMHE) Organization
• Member of CCBC’s Leadership Programming Committees, College Gateways and College Pathways programs
Technical Skills:
• Strong Microsoft Office skills
• Database creation and management experience (PeopleSoft, Banner, Access, Excel, Con Ed. Supplement)
• Graphic design and web-page creation skills
• Background in Health Informatics systems
Community College of Baltimore County, Division of Enrollment and Student Services-Essex, MD
Student Services Coordinator for the Nursing Preparatory Institute 2/14- Current
• Served on the initial design, implementation and evaluation committee of a student retention initiative
• Developed cutting edge impactful advisement interventions in an effort to support aspiring nursing students
• Coordinated the development of first-year experiences, common intellectual experiences, learning communities, Writing-intensive courses, collaborative assignments and projects, research opportunities, diversity/global learning, service learning, community-based learning, internships, capstone courses and projects, intrusive advising services
• Facilitated and charged the recruitment and public relations strategies to a distinct target population
• Provided intrusive academic advisement and case management services to address student needs
• Developed and implemented program activities in collaboration with faculty and administration from different aspects of the college (Vice President of Instruction, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Dean of Student Development, School of Math & Science, School of Health Professions)
• Maintained close contact and engagement services for students
• Served as a data collector and analyst for a pilot initiative
• Created and conducted trainings on multiple campuses
Community College of Baltimore County, Adjunct Faculty-Essex, MD
Professor of Academic Development 6/12- Current
• Developed lesson plans in accordance with the standardized curriculum
• Planned, implemented, and evaluated instructional lessons, strategies, activities, and materials
• Monitored and managed student behavior and in classroom management
• Interacted with students and school staff on student issues
• Observed and gathered assessment data on students
• Supervised and monitored students in off-site instruction
Community College of Baltimore County, Office of Academic Advisement-Essex, MD
Academic Advisor 6/11-2/14
• Demonstrated the application of advisement systems in an effort to guide students on their quest to actualize their academic, career and personal goals
• Applied a holistic approach in the creation of customized Academic Plans for clients in challenging academic and life situations
• Interpreted, explained and applied organizational policies and procedures; participated in the development of outreach and student retention programming
• Analyzed official transcripts in an effort to accurately present program specific advisement
• Provided general advising for transfer students, allied health, science, technology, engineering and math(STEM) and a variety of other majors, and international students
• Utilized credit evaluation and degree progress tools to assist students in determining academic plans
• Created strategies to assist clients in addressing challenges through each stage of the academic advisement model with the goal of ensuring student retention through degree completion, and the provision of transfer support services
• Served as a liaison between different divisions of the college
• Referred students to appropriate campus resources for assistance
• Audited clients academic progress through statistical computations and analysis to ensure that the organization remained in compliance with Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) Standards for Financial Aid
• Updated and maintained pertinent student records
HDC Health Care Solutions– Baltimore, MD
AFLAC Health Insurance Intern and HDC Solutions Project Manager, 2/11-6/11
• Coordinated marketing events, attend networking functions, developed networking tools and developed sales strategies
• Trained and supervised interns, educated potential clients on health care policy and affordable healthcare options
• Assisted in the development of internship programs in the community
Community College of Baltimore County, Office of Admissions – Essex, MD
Admissions Recruiter, 9/10-6/11
• Assisted in the development of CCBC recruitment, retention, and programming events
• Conducted health professions tours and educational event
• Provided orientation and counseling services to students
• Created educational programming for middle and high school students
• Developed college awareness presentations and coordinated dual enrollment PEP programs
• Supervises student ambassadors
Community College of Baltimore County, Office of Continuing Education & Economic Development-Baltimore, MD
Information Specialist, 4/10- 9/10
• Review, edit and finalized grant applications and educational program summaries
• Processed scholarship forms and student transcripts
• Utilized database programs to analyze student and course data, and conducted general administrative tasks
Northrop Grumman, Department of Environmental Health and Safety-Baltimore, MD
Assistant Industrial Hygienist, 2/10-9/10
• Conducted research on chemical hazards within the organization
• Conduct ergonomics assessments, sound tests and implemented employee training programs
• Create educational presentations geared towards plant workers
• Implemented OSHA standards and monitored organizational compliance throughout the electronic systems division
Community College of Baltimore County, Office of Records and Registration- Catonsville, MD
Enrollment Specialist/ Receptionist, 4/09-4/10
• Assisted students in general information requests as a receptionist
• Updated contact databases and student record, and input data entries and cataloged student information
• Implemented a new directory system and aided in enrollment services processes
• Aided students in the general registration process
Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk – Baltimore, MD
Project Manager, 10/08 – 6/09
• Implemented recruitment plans to attract volunteers
• Represented Baltimore Leadership on the national planning team
• Updated and maintained contact databases
• Followed-up with contacts and researched funding sources
Community College of Baltimore County, Office of Admissions – Essex, MD
Admissions Administrative Assistant, 4/08 – 4/09
• Assisted in the organization CCBC recruitment events
• Specialized in recruitment functions and directed educational tours
• Completed in office clerical work, cataloged student information using database programs
• Aided students in the enrollment process
Bank of America Ventures Scholars – Baltimore, MD
Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity Intern, 6/07 - 10/07
• Collaborated with youth and faith based initiatives to support inner city youth
• Maintained office documents, records and correspondences
• Organized meetings, participated in agency wide leadership projects, and fundraiser
Morgan State University – Baltimore, MD
• M.S.W. Social Work-Currently Enrolled
University of Maryland Baltimore County – Baltimore, MD
• B.A. Health Administration and Public Policy, 5/2010
Community College of Baltimore County - Essex, MD
• A.A. Business Administration, 12/2008