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Brittany Yvonne Penn

Freelance Cartoonist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
2 Skills
I am an illustrator/storyboarder/animator/character designer. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. I completed my Masters of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University, majoring in 2D animation in 2017.

I am always looking to grow and learn new things! Some of my university coursework has included:
• Traditional Animation, Flash Animation, Motion Graphics
• Character Design
• Preproduction
• Storyboarding
• Layout Design
• Figure and Animal Drawing
• Scientific Illustration, Natural Illustration, Fashion Illustration
• Video Editing
• Anatomy and Physiology, Evolutionary Mammology, Animal Behavior, Abnormal Psychology
• History of Animation, Japanese Art History, Chinese Art History, 19th Century Art History & Philosophy, World Music and Cultures, Survey of Classical Operas

Some of my technical skills include:
• Graphite, Color Pencil, Conte, Pastel, Graphic Markers, Watercolor, Acrylic
• Wacom Tablet, Cintiq
• Adobe Photoshop CC, TVPaint, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Final Cut Pro, ToonBoom, Premiere, and Digital Photography.