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Dane Eichinger

Freelance Comic Artist & Cartoonist

Location:Reedsville, Ohio, United States
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My name is Dane and cartooning is my game.

What can I say that hasn't already been said, I'm diligent, hardworking, and a real stickler for detail. Above all though, I simply have fun drawing! I enjoy taking people on outrageous adventures with my artwork and stories, and I get a real thrill knowing they enjoy every step of the way. Drawing's practically second nature to me, as I alway strive to improve and learn new methods to apply to my work.

My style's best described as a hybridization of American and Anime styles, with a heavy dose of Saturday Morning style wild takes and expressions. With comic and illustration, I always emphasize the character's expressions, making it both fun to see and clear as to what they're feeling or doing.

Besides comics, I also enjoy working on character designs and conceptual sketches for props, abilities, and a little storyboarding.

I have three children's books under my belt including Maw-Maw's Bedtime Stories, The Adventures of Fred & Ted, and Waiting for Santa.

I've also contributed to ongoing online comic series Reynard City and Sonic the Comic Online, as well as independent publisher Electromagnetic Press.

I can also be found on Deviantart, Twitter (BlueIkeTweets), Tumblr (shinybastiodon and blueikeproductions) and Instagram (instantblueike).
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