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Location:Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Landline: +92 -0412-649486
+92 -0301- 4140674
Address: House#P.781,St.#12,Afghanabd #01, Faisalabad

Career Objective:
To serve vulnerable community

Punjabi (Mother Tongue) Reading, Writing, Speaking and Understanding Excellent
Urdu Reading, Writing, Speaking and Understanding Excellent
English Reading, Writing, Speaking and Understanding Very Good
Arabic Reading Very Good
French Reading, Writing, Speaking and Understanding Basics

2003-2005 Master in Psychology & Applied Psychology
University of Punjab, Lahore
Division/Grade: Grade B+ with CGPA 3.41
2001-2003 Bachelor Of Arts
University of Punjab, Lahore
Division/Grade: 1st/A. 65.87%
Module studied: Psychology, Economics
1996-1998 Intermediate (Pre-Medical)
Govt. College for Women, Madina Town, Faisalabad
Division/Grade: 1st/A. 74%
1994-1996 Matriculation (Science)
Divisional Public School, Faisalabd
Division/Grade: 1st/A-One. 86%
Distinctions Government Scholarships in Graduation, Matriculation & Middle.

Research Work:
Complete research project on Comparison of stress level in different departments of Walls Unilever, Pakistan. (Punjab University)

Personal Details:

Father’s Name Muhammad Iqbal
Date of Birth : 10-03-1981
N.I.C. # : 33100-4804980-4
Religion : Islam
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Pakistani
Permanent Address : House #.P.781, Street # 12, Afghanabad # 1, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Work Experience:


Working as Psychologist Field Officer with International Humanitarian Organization ‘Medecins Du Monde’ since December 2005 to date

“Healing the Wounds of survivors (Women & children) of Domestic violence in government Shelter Homes - Dar -ul-Amans (DUA) of Punjab” Pakistan Mission


The Supervisor Psychologist is Incharge of the Implementation, management, and follow-up, Monitoring & Evaluation of psychological activities in Dar-ul-Amans of Faisalabad, Jhang, and Toba Tek Singh & Bhakar

? Implementation of Psychological services in Dar-ul-Amans

? Providing Psychological support Direct & Indirect- Individual & Group counseling to survivors Women & Children of domestic violence taking shelter in DUAs & enabling them to take part again in normal life. Managing their work plan and skill training activities for capacity building
? Organizing visits to other DUAs of Faisalabad Cluster consisting of Toba Tek Singh, Jhang & Bhakar.
? Supervise volunteers’ psychological & Socio-educative activities for women & children residing in DUAs
? Propose & supervise the organization of recreational activities by volunteers to convey a friendly & peaceful atmosphere in DUA
? Propose & supervise the organization of recreational activities for women & children
? Ensure implementation of Therapeutic services & a close follow-up of all psychological activities

? Networking

? Identify, motivate & recruit volunteer psychologists/psychiatrists to contribute to psychological activities in DUAs of FSD cluster
? Maintain active & motivated network of volunteer psychologists/psychiatrists by regular meetings, joint visits, Trainings
? Develop & maintain a strong network within the local Mental Health institutes & volunteer psychologists/psychiatrists for Referrals & follow-up
? Develop & maintain a network with Community psychological NGOs/CBOs

? Support to DUA service provider, Staff Trainings & Awareness

? Ensuring proper alliance-building with DUA Incharges, DUA psychologists, volunteers & other staff of DUA & provide them technical guidance
? Conducting awareness sessions for DUA staff
? Conducting Trainings for DUA staff
? Providing on job support & technical guidance for service providers
? Conducting case conferences for volunteer psychologists
? Ensuring proper implementation of Ethical code of conduct by volunteers
? Sensitizing district authorities in region, advisory committee members & other stake holders in DUAs regarding psychological services

? Monitoring & Evaluation

? Implementing & following the monitoring & evaluation systems
? Evaluating the training impact/needs & continuous follow up
? Providing feedback for continuous improvement of psychological implementation & strategies to site coordinator & advisor

? Reporting & Data Collection

? Collecting & compiling data & writing reports & case studies
? Writing & submitting weekly & Monthly reports of the activities, progress to direct supervisors

Capacity Building/Trainings/Certificates/Workshops Conducted/Attended:

• 05 Days Training on “Stress Management skills & Child Psychology” held in Islamabad from 6th to 10th July 2010.
• 3 days Training 18-20 January 2010 Microsoft Excel at MDM Lahore by Centre for Resource & system management
• Assisted & arranged volunteer Psychologists from Faisalabad, TTSingh, Jhang & Bhakkar the Training on Psychotherapies at MDM platform in collaboration with SWD at Social Welfare Complex 7-9 January 2010
• Attended 3 days Training on Mental State Examination, REBT & CBT from 27-29 August 2009 by Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq ch. Senior Consultant Psychiatrist Fountain House Lahore, Dr. Saima Dawood Lecturer Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, & Dr.Asir Ajmal Clinical Psychologist Foreign Prof.G.C.U.Lahore President P.A.C.P.
• Attended one day Seminar on 24th Novemeber 2009 on health related issues & medico legal cases in Dar-ul-Aman by International Health organization EMED by Medico legal District Officer Dr.Khurram & Dr.Humaira Forensic department Allied Hospital FSD
• Conducted Orientation Training sessions on “ Counseling & importance of counseling” for University students of Faisalabad, TTSingh, Jhang & Bhakar 2008-2009
• Conducted training for Incharges of Dar-ul-Amans Social welfare Department Punjab on orientation of Counseling held at Social Welfare Complex 2008
• Worked as Resource person with Women Shelter Organization Faisalabd on ****** Harassment at workplace held in community centres 2008
• Conducted training on Psycho social support for local Counselors of Earthquake victims at Noor Bagh Centre,Azad Kashmir 2007
• Organized & conducted one day seminar for local NGOs in Faisalbad, TTSingh, Jhang & Bhakar on “Elimination of violnence against women day” at DUAs 2008
• Conducted Training on Counseling Manual for volunteer Psychologists MDM held at MDM Lahore 2009
• Conducted training on “Psychosocial Interventions for staff, IDPs & Refugees” at Global Vision Organization Islamabad September 2009

• Attended Two-Month Human Resource Development Training to support Victims of Torture (May-June 08) held at Islamabad (from SACH local NGO) & was awarded certificate of participation by Ambassador of European Union. This Training was funded by European Commission
• Attended 3-days workshop on “Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills” organized by MDM in collaboration with Ministry of Social Welfare, women Development & Bait-ul-Mal Punjab, conducted by Rozan July 10-12, 2006 Lahore. Mrs. Ashifa Fatyana Minister of Social Welfare, women Development & Bait-ul-Mal awarded Certificate of Completion
• Attended & represented ‘The National Interactive Platform For Women-Women’s Expo 2006, a joint collaboration of Women Development Department Government of Punjab & 4th Dimension (Pvt.) Ltd. 8-10 September, 2006, Lahore It was joint venture og German Technical Co-operation Gtz & Medecins Du Monde France. Was Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Mrs.Iqbal Liaqat Malik Deputy Secretary (WD), SW & BM Punjab and Mrs. Ashifa Fatyana Minister for Women Development & Human Rights Punjab
• Attended Trainings held MDM Lahore 2006 on Counseling, communication skills by Dr. Naima Hassan Mental Health Expert & Stress Counselor UNDSS
• Attended Paralegal trainings held MDM Lahore 2008
• Attended two Months training July- August 2008 MDM Lahore on Psycho social support by a French Psychologist Estelle a Mental Health Expert
• Attended two months course of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad- june-july 2009
• Attended International Conference on “New Trends in Psychological Research” held at University of the Punjab 2006
• Awarded with Certificate on presenting “Training & Development “from University of the Punjab 2003-2005
• Attended International Psychiatric Conference held at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, 2004.
• Attended National Guards Training with Battalion Company in Intermediate & was awarded with Certificate of Service in 1996 at Government College for women, Madina Town Faisalabad

Computer Skills:
• Ms-Office
• Internet surfing & e-mails
• Use of Scanner, photocopier & printer


• Reading books
• Listening Music
• Traveling/ Enjoy nature
• Visiting different cultures
• Serving vulnerable population old men, women, children & Gypsies
• Networking

Volunteer Services : (Consultancy in person & online/Monitoring/Meetings/Exposure visits/ & Trainings)
• Global Vision organization- Local NGO Islamabad based providing Psycho social support to IDPs & refugees. I provide Psychological Support to traumatized IDPs & Refugees (Children & Women) in slums of Islamabad. Keep on assessing needs of IDPs & refugees & plan interventions accordingly. Building Liaison with local ngos & professionals to motivate them for providing services for IDPs & refugees. Community mobilization in slums of Islamabad for IDPs & refugees
• People in need-Project Noor Bagh, Azad Kashmir- provided Psycho social support to the earthquake traumatized population Women & Children

Abilities & Skills
• Good interpersonal communication/Negotiation skills
• Team Spirit/work & committed
• Confident & able to work in every set up
• Ability to work under pressure/ To meet deadlines
• Time management
• Excessive Traveling/Traveling as necessary to remote areas
• Cultural adaptability
• Stress management
• Community mobilization
• Participate & organize trainings as necessary
• To build effective liaison with a wide array of individuals/institutions/ organizations
• Capacity to work in a multidisciplinary team and international environment/Comfort in working with varied groups of people including male and female groups
• Demonstrate flexibility, versatility, initiative and diplomacy


• Position holder in schooling & Scholarship holder, participating in extracurricular activities & getting distinctions
• Awarded with MERIT AWARD in 1994 from Municipal Corporation on getting Distinction in Middle
• Acceptance of Psychologist in Dar-ul-Amans (DUA) was a big challenge but with continuous struggle through Sensitization of staff of Dar-ul-Aman & higher authorities Social Welfare Department (SWD), the acceptance of Psychologist was ensured & after sometime SWD requested MDM to continue psychological services & decided to hire SWD own Psychologist. I kept on conducting sensitization & Awareness sessions along with French Psychologist for SWD Staff. Now the volunteer Psychologists are also serving survivors of domestic violence in DUA.
• In DUA there was lot of corruption & rights violation of women taking shelter in DUAs & no one could raise voice against this violation. I put struggle in stopping & decreasing this violation through dialogues with perpetrator. After some debates, this issue was highlighted in newspaper too & DCO took action on it & perpetrator Incharge was transferred. After that it was observed in other DUAs too the low violation rate. I contributed in changing negative image of DUA & of women taking shelter in DUAs too.
• Worked on highlighting the importance of mental health at different platforms Govt./NGOs/civil society. As a result of this some NGOs planned to provide Psychological support for vulnerable community.
• Women Crisis Centre renamed Shaheed Benazir Bhutto women centre invited me as a Guest Speaker on Elimination of violence against women day to throw light on psychological aspect of violence. A lot of NGOs appreciated Psychological support & requested to provide these services to their NGOs too.
• Rotary Internationals (an International ngo working on education & health) arranged a meeting in Serena Hotel FSD & I was invited as Chief Guest there. The objective of this meeting was to introduce MDM & its Psychological services. Journalist & media channel News 1 did coverage of this. All participants felt good to know about MDM services for DUA. They asked many different questions about MDM, DUA, residents & their problems. Rotary Internationals offered to provide facilitation for DUA in future.
• Press release on seminars on violence day, training delivered from platform of Women shelter organization & summer day celebrated
• Assisted in development of Counseling Manual for service provider serving survivors of domestic violence

Sensitized about Gender Issues:

• Human rights
• Women rights
• Family laws
• Torture
• Domestic violence/ violence against women
• Court procedures

Talks Delivered:

• Policy Dialogue on new guidelines for Dar-ul-Aman, notified by the government of Punjab 2007 by Shirkat Gah Lahore & Behbood-e-Niswan Network. Held at 25th November 2009
• Psychological Perspective of Violence against Women by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women Crisis Centre 25th November 2008

Professional References:
Name : Mr. Asif
Designation : Psychologist Advisor
Organization : Medecins Du Monde Lahore
Contact Info :
House# 04, Sarwar road, cantonment

Name : Naima Hassan
Designation : Stress Counselor
Organization : UNDSS Islamabad
Contact Info :
0092- 03458509045
House# 802, St# 19, G10/1
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