Joshua Stewart

Freelance Comic Artist & Drawer

Location:Ontario, Canada
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If you are reading this, then that means I show interest in illustrating for you, or you'd just like to know a bit more about myself.

My name Joshua Stewart. I focus on the field of pencil sketching, computer painting, inking, and overall comic designing. Having my own personal comic in the process of development, I am no stranger when it comes to fascinating and appropriate sketching and designing. In addition to being a couple of years in completing high school, I thrive to give any customer or cilent the satisfaction they desire when it comes to a work of art. I have always been centered towards providing cartoons and fictional creations, yet I am still strong when it comes to detailed shadings and minor realism. I am somewhat more comfortable drawing with a pencil and paper, but if you wish, a computer composition can be done.

As for my experience, most of my skills were self-taught. I do attend art classes and have been accepted to experience mini-university courses (for my age group) several times over a span of a few days. From this, I have gained a solid understanding of the process a comic goes through and know the requirements needed in order to complete the final product. To also increase my artistic knowledge, I apply to art gallery sittings and observe content on several medias. I tend to finish artwork efficiently and quickly, therefore I excel in fulfilling due dates
on time.

Thank you for your acknowledgement. If you require an illustrator, I would be happy to apply for you.
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Comic Art