Daniel Demissie

Freelance Database Designer & Presentation Designer

2 Skills
Daniel Megiso Demissie
8-436 Talbot Ave, Phone: 204-952-4284
Winnipeg, MB, R2L-0R3 Email: dmdemissie@live.com


1. Practical experience of research activities for policy development and performance evaluation in education and community development projects and programs at different levels of public administration.
2. Ability to design and maintain database (MS Access and Excel) for the collection and management of data for project planning and analysis and reporting purposes.
3. More than six years of experience in policy design and evaluation, organization and resource planning, and community development projects management.
4. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, Access, Power Point…).
5. Strong written and verbal communication.

Freelance Consultant 2003-2010

• Trained individuals and group of adult immigrants how to use computer programs (MS Office, e-mails, Internet…) at home and work place.
• Designed and maintained Microsoft Relational Databases for small and medium businesses.
• Designed adult learning programs and fundraising projects to support the refugees and underserved communities in Johannesburg.
• Advised refugees in matters of sponsorship and resettlement and assisted them by developing cases based on their life-experiences as well as by communicating to potential sponsors abroad and worked as an interpreter and translator for immigrants.

Secondary School Teacher
Shaik Anta Diop College, Johannesburg, South Africa 2003-2003

• Prepared and implemented multi-subject lesson-plan for different grades.
• Taught Geography for grade 11 and 12, Social Sciences for Grade 9 and 10 and Orientation for Grade 8 Students, and tutored and prepared final years students for secondary school leaving examination.
• Involved in various co-curricular tasks, student counseling, teacher-parent advisory meetings, and school leadership activities.

Deputy Head of Education Department

Regional State of Southern Ethiopia, Awassa, Ethiopia 1994-2000
• Prepared short and long term action plan and budget for the education department.
• Coordinated and supervised education projects and programs of NGO’s and bilateral organizations.
• Formed and mobilized a special interdepartmental task force for integrated approach for regional development programs through community participation.
• Designed and evaluated the performance of education programs and projects of regional government.
• Led and supervised the process of curriculum development and evaluation in the nine local languages; recruiting, training, deployment, transfer and promotion of primary and secondary school teachers, and the production and distribution of teaching materials (textbooks and equipment) for primary and secondary schools.
• Led the process of annual planning, implementation and performance evaluation of educational programs and projects of bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations including the planning and implementation of the BESO/USAID (Basic Education System Overhaul) five year education development project.
• Initiated and designed a system for the upgrading of teachers' qualification through self study and tutorial programs, as well as the guidelines for public participation in education' that enabled the community to participate in school governance and administration.

• Incomplete Masters’ Degree in Public and Development Management, Graduate School of Public and Development Management, Johannesburg, South Africa 2000-2001
• Bachelors of Art Degree in Geography, Social Sciences Faculty, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1983-1987
• Educational Planning and Administration: Monitoring and Evaluating the Quality of Education. International Institute for Educational Planning IIEP/UNESCO, Paris France.
• Planning and Policy Analysis for System Reform. Research Triangle Institute, Academy for Educational Development, and the World Bank; North Carolina and Washington D.C., USA.
• A+ (Computer Technician) certificate course, 2007
• N+ (Networking Technician) certificate course, 2007

Leadership activities
• Regional intellectual team leader
• Community development fund raising team chairperson
• USAID/BESO project regional team chairman
• Member of region’s education board