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Jennifer Crenshaw

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Creative Writer

Location:Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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Hello and welcome to my page.

I started drawing at a young age, as most artists seem to do. Which is generally around the time one could pick up a pen or pencil and scribble. Most of my inspiration for drawing came from my mother, who got me into the world of Fantasy Designs. My major specialities are in the concept art for creatures that I've drawn in the past over the many years that I've drawn.

I've had a passion for drawing creatures ever since I started drawing, and while most of my artwork and creatures tend to side towards the 'monster' category in terms of design I've been known to draw various others if I had the inspiration for it. Over the years I've been working on branching out into the other genres so that I can work on making my designs more unique and interesting to the eyes that see them. By branching out I've been able to breathe more life into my creations and make them almost believable or like they could be brought to life just by simply looking at them.

Creature Designs in art is only half of it however as I've worked on written pieces to go along side these creations further bringing them to life. While my written abilities are very poor I do try and pour in as much detail as I can into these creations. People have complimented me highly on the amount of time and detail I've put into designs that I've created.

If you are looking to get a new creature or monster designed for your worlds, stories, comics or even games then you are welcome to ask and inquire me as I am always looking to further my skills in the world of creature designs. Some designs may be harder to work with than others but I am more than willing to try and draw anything.

I will be returning to School at Full Sail University starting this July and will be majoring in Game Art, I am looking to further my skills so that I can create the most believable creatures I can for the gaming industry in the future or for people who have an interest or need for a creature design.

If you wish to contact me you can e-mail me at
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