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Tiffany Gochnour

Freelance Digital Artist & Software Tester

Location:Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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I work as a freelance artist and a professional software tester. I test medical software, but I am interested in playtesting any games created by independent developers to help identify defects to polish the final product.

As an artist, I am especially good at digitally inking clean sketches, and I do a number of different commissions in the digital medium with a variety of styles. I've had a lot of practice with digital linearts, cel-shading, and recently have begun breaking into practicing soft painting. I have a lot of experience with fantasy artwork and non-human characters, and I'm always practicing new techniques to expand further. I also have a love of horror art and have been practicing that on the side.

I'm currently studying 3D modeling and am working towards a degree in game art. Unfortunately I'm not able to do as much with this commercially due to lack of a program I'm knowledgable in, but someday I hope to be able to create game-ready models for game developers to use.

Looking to hire me or have any questions? Feel free to email me at
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Digital Art
Software Testing