Paul Roach

Freelance Business Consultant & Financial Planner

Location:Kennett, Missouri, United States
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Small Businesses are the backbone to our economy, creating 5.1 million jobs in the United States since 2003. Entrepreneurs often have to handle marketing, finance, Human Resources, and in most cases getting their hands dirty working in the field. Competing with large corporations with huge marketing budgets, legal teams, and hundreds of MBA's on payroll is a daunting task. I'm passionate about helping small businesses owners become true success stories.

I myself am a "Serial Entrepreneur" owning and operating several small businesses ranging from custom steel fabrication, event hosting, online businesses, and small businesses consulting. I hold a B.A in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have developed over the last decade all the skills and experience needed to take an average small business to a highly profitable and successful company.

I have helped hundreds of business owners raise millions in seed money from Angel Investors, to traditional SBA Loans. I have reworked entire marketing programs to turn failing businesses around.

Some of my Services Include.

•General Business Consulting

•Custom Business Plans

•Financial Consulting

•Financial Planning

•Marketing Plans

•Public Relations

•Custom HR documents (i.e Employee handbooks)

•Logo Design

If you have any questions about how I can help your businesses venture become a success, or if you would just like some general advice feel free to drop me a line.