Naceur kenzari

Freelance French Translator & Arabic Translator

Location:New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
2 Skills
Nacer kansar

PHONE: 604-520-7083
430.-9th, St, •New West• BC• V3M-3W4
FRENCH & Spanish: proficient (orally, spoken, writing),
Cross-cultural, Good customer service ability, Internet skills.
Arabic Teaching Certificate (1971-1972) E.N.A Tunisia (Tunis)
Certificate in English Language Studies. (2004-2005). Concordia University, Montréal, QC.
Certificat Informatique. College Bois de Boulogne (ville St Laurent) Qc. (2002-2003).
Certificat Administration Universitè du Quebec à Montreal. (2003-2004). _______________________________________________________________________
French Language Tutor. From: 02/1990 to Present.
(Self-employed,Montreal & Vancouver).
The French Tutorial is a step by step lesson covering basics, pronunciation, but also grammar, vocabulary and everyday French. It offers web based audio support for better oral comprehension. My courses in both languages are one to one or to groups, include sometimes,easy conversation to businessmen.

Multilingual Customer service Reps. From (03/2007 to 05/2008).
(Dustana Intern`l Phone Cards MOntreal, QC).

My main duty is to provide excellent customer service,and support,in(English- French)
to, users of Dustana, Phone Cards all over Canada, The service can be maid via, (Incoming calls or e-mail support). My roles involve being the initial point of contact for customers,responding, to and resolving customer enquiries and complaints,by verifying the Log transactions and customer care activities.Answer participant questions regarding refund of lost minute.Document all calls with regards to participant inquires,accurately using Call Tracking System. Follow-up with Participants, within a 24-hour period in regards to the initial phone calls.

Technical Adviser From (09/2005 - 12/2006).
(G. Anderson Production, Montreal, Qc).

During the shooting of TV series and films, I did Train actors to correctly pronounce and enunciate Arabic words. Familiarizing interested teams and technicians with Middle-Eastern customs and culture in order to lend credibility to film and TV, (western made). Translate in Arabic, scripts, and dialogues, from(English to Arabic).

Translator-Interpreter (English-French).
(Tetra Society, Montreal, QC, Chapter). From: 09/2005 to 02/2006.
Interpret speeches, meetings, conferences,debates and conversation,
of the ex-Mayor of city of Vancouver, and president of Tetra society
Vancouver chapter, Mr Sam Sullivan.
Translate a variety of written material such as correspondence,
reports, legal documents, technical specifications and textbooks
from English to French. Faithfully, using a variety of technologies and mediums,while maintaining The content , and style of the original material as closely as possible.